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Anjelica Knezevic – Testimonial*

Client: Anjelica Knezevic
Coachs: Jes Murhy & Neli Afshari
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation

I have been training at Clean Health as I wanted to improve my health and wellbeing and to compete in my very first INBA competition. I have been extremely happy with the ongoing support and expertise of super coaches Jes Murphy and Neli Afshari who are both very dedicated individuals, always providing ongoing nutritional information and assistance to help me achieve my goal.

With a pre-existing medical condition, a plan was developed that took into account my condition, the numerous food intolerances I have and my limitations. Not only did I look leaner by the end of the 26 weeks, but I also felt fantastic and have loads more energy. Both trainers never compromised my health or wellbeing, and always put my health as a number 1 priority.

I am stronger and fitter than I have ever been. Clean Health has a warm and inviting environment, making it the perfect place to train whether you want to lose a few extra kilos or you want to get whipped into comp ready shape quickly. I would definitely recommend Jes Murphy and Neli Afshari to anyone looking for good knowledgeable comp prep coaches.



James Cant – Video Testimonial*

James Cant IFBB Pro Training Video
Athlete: James Cant – IFBB Pro
Training with comp prep manager and senior coach, Jes Murphy, for physique preparation.

Lily Ashworth – Testimonial*

Client: Lily Ashworth – Clean Health Athlete & 2 x INBA Fitness Model Champion
Service: Comp Prep
Coach: Jes Murphy

Check out CH Founder Daine McDonald taking industry leading coach and fitness expert Rachel Guy through a brutal giant set routine for the lower body at CHPC Sydney City in late March, 2013.

Adele Watson – Testimonial*

Client: Adele Watson
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss followed by 12 Week Physique Athlete Preparation Program

Until joining Clean Health I had never considered doing a “comp” as I didn’t consider myself to be someone who could ever get that sort of physique. However, after numerous suggestions from Jes to give it a go I final relented and with 12 weeks to go before the INBA NSW Champions in Sept the journey started.

As someone who has done it all before numerous times and who had competed in the same category Jes was the ideal coach for me. She guided me through the 12 weeks of preparation with close monitoring of my body composition each week with tweaks to nutrition and supplements along the way to ensure that we got the result we were after. Injuries along the way were a minor bump in the road as far as Jes was concerned and we just worked around those.

As you can see the transformation occurred and I made it onto the stage in the best shape of my life. I couldn’t have done it without Jes and the rest of the Clean Health team who go above and beyond to help you smash your goals.

Now I have the bug – bring on 2014!

Adele Watson Clean Health 12 Week Physique Athlete Preparation Result

Juliana Corona – Testimonial*

Client: Juliana Corona
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: 12 week fitness model preparation program

I spoke with Jes in May 2013 and we decided on the INBA NSW Championships show in Sept with my full preparations not commencing until my return from a European holiday. On my return 14 weeks out from comp I weighed 65kg and 21% body fat. I knew it would be a hard road to get to “comp size” but having Jes as my coach has made the journey all the more stress free as she walks the walk and talks the talk. This I know from personal experience in seeing and talking to her about her comp preps. Jes leads by example and I could not ask for more in my coach. “Getting it done the fun way” is one of her mottos and even though you are being pushed to your perceived limits, she always pushes a little more and lo and behold you just reached a new limit. And you leave with the biggest smile on your face knowing you have achieved more than you knew you could.

This whole journey has taught me to be more disciplined and organised. I never would have described myself as determined, dedicated and inspiring but this is how friends and family are now talking about me. It has changed me from the inside out. In saying that, it would not have been possible without Jes and the Clean Health team. For that, a simple thank you is not enough. I am forever grateful to Jes for her time (those early morning intervals even before the crack of dawn!), endless questions answered, dedication and personal sacrifice in the midst of her own preparations to get me to where I am today.

Juliana Corona

Kylie Dixon – Testimonial*

Service: 24 Week Online Personal Training
Client: Kylie Dixon
Coach: Nick Moen
Result: 2013 1st Place INBA Figure Novice NSW Championships

For years I have admired the physiques of those that get up on stage and compete and could only dream of being in such amazing shape. After coming across Clean Health’s website and reading through some of the testimonials I actually started thinking, with the right guidance, maybe I could turn the dream into a reality. I was particularly interested in competing in the physique category.

While I had been a regular gym goer for years I had no idea of what it would involve to get into competition shape. I decided to contact Clean Health and as soon as I did I knew I had made the right decision. I had been uncertain about signing up for an online program but that uncertainty quickly disappeared.

For the past 6 months, I have worked with Nick Moen, to help me achieve my goal of competing at the INBA state championships in the novice physique division. I was guided every step of the way, right up until the minute I stepped on stage. Throughout the entire process, Nick was always supportive, encouraging and quickly responded to any questions I had. The training, nutrition and supplementation guidelines were extremely detailed, making it easy to follow.

I travelled down to Clean Health on a few occasions during the 6-month period, to have my body fat measured and go through a few training sessions with Nick. The Clean Health facility is fantastic and all the staff were always friendly and welcoming. During this time I also met with Jes Murphy who took me through the posing and presentation side of things. This was incredibly helpful and I learnt a lot in a very short period of time. Jes also helped me back-stage on the day, which for a novice competitor, was invaluable!

After 6 months of training I finally achieved my goal of getting up on stage in the novice physique division. I never had a goal of winning, I just wanted to be able to stand on stage and have a physique that looked like it belonged up there. I exceeded my expectations, however, and was fortunate enough to achieve first place.

I would highly recommend Clean Health to anyone looking to compete or wanting to get into the best shape of their life. I have learnt so much, about training and nutrition, from Nick during the past 6 months that I will continue to use. The whole experience was a really enjoyable one and I look forward to working with Clean Health again in the future.

Kylie Dixon

Natalia Mischchenko – Testimonial*

Service: 12 week fitness model preparation program
Client: Natalia Mischchenko
Goal: Compete in first bikini competition

“Let me begin by saying Clean Health rocks! In my eyes, it is way more than a training facility, it’s is certainly my second home.  Its vibrant, lively and inspiring culture combined with a state of the art equipment and industry leading personal trainers makes it the only place to be!

Rawdon is a true professional and takes real pride in his work. He is exceptional at not only achieving desired results for his clients but also providing them with necessary skills to enable take their physique to a next level in the most healthiest and efficient way. Rawdon has a world of knowledge and experience when it comes to training, nutrition, blood work and supplementation and all his plans are extremely customised to your goals, genetics and needs. His dedication to clients and professionalism is second to none and if you are after serious physique transformation, he is your man!

If you think he will do all your work for you, think again! It is tough love training with Rawdon and he will expect same professionalism, respect and dedication.
I started training with Rawdon end of June 2013 at 17.3% body fat with a goal of competing at INBA NSW titles. By end of September 2013 my body fat dropped to 11.1% with over 3kg increase in muscle mass. I placed 4th out of 16 Bikini Novice Models. My 3 month journey was truly worthwhile and I feel proud to have such an incredible coach. My transformation photos speak louder than words – happy and proud client

Natalia Mischenko