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Natasha Jones – Testimonial*

Client: Natasha Jones
Coach: Kylie Gilbert
Service: 12 Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training

I began training at Clean Health in late March 2015 through Clean Health’s Bombshell Athletic 12 week program for females with approximately 10 other girls.

I had been weight training on and off for a few years beforehand but decided I needed a challenge and some motivation (particularly with my nutrition)! Luckily for me – Kylie Gilbert was assigned as our training coach and I was immediately inspired by her passion for health and fitness and in particular her technical knowledge as a coach. Over the course of the 12 weeks, I became stronger, a little leaner and improved my technique significantly.

Once Bombshell finished I decided to keep training with Kylie on a one to one basis and thank goodness I did! My downfall has always been my nutrition and over the past 7 weeks, Kylie has really encouraged and motivated me to stay on track with my food (which can be difficult as I am a lawyer with a very busy job and often not much time to myself to prepare my food). Well the results speak for themselves; in that short 7 week period, I have lost approximately 4% body fat and nearly 3kg, my clothes are looser, I’m sleeping better and generally feel happier and healthier. This is no mean feat as I have tried a number of nutrition programs in the past but have only followed them for a week or two. The fact I have achieved these results really is a testament to Kylie’s passion for what she does and the care she has for her clients.

I really couldn’t have done this without Kylie and am looking forward to the results I can achieve in the next 7 weeks!


Lucy Watson – Testimonial*

Client: Lucy Watson
Coach: Kylie Gilbert
Service: 12 Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training

I’ve been training with Kylie for 12 weeks so far, and I knew training with Kylie twice a week would push me out of my comfort zone, improve my form and motivate me to stay true to my goal of being better than my 2014 Bikini Competition physique.

Kylie gives excellent teaching points throughout every set helping me get the most out of every rep. She’s professional, knowledgeable, friendly & approachable which makes her a great coach. I had a tough week halfway through and didn’t realise how many things I was piling onto myself as well as Comp Prep, through asking me various questions Kylie managed to get out of me what was going on in my head, and she gave me some great advice which alleviated all that stress. Kylie handled my tears on the bench amazingly! It’s not just during the training sessions that Kylie offers support, it’s also outside of the sessions to check in with me. She goes above & beyond for her clients.

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Talitha Cummins – Testimonial*

Client: Talitha Cummins
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: 12Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training
Results: 5.5% Drop in BF and 2kg Lean Muscle Gain

Hey Stef. Just wanted to thank you for your guidance and training over the past 3 months. I walked in feeling frustrated, fed up and insecure about my body. I have been unhappy with my body for over 10 years and unable to get into the shape I’ve wanted to. But with your help I have done it!! I cant believe I’m down to 15% body fat. So many people are commenting, but most importantly I’m happy with myself. You’ve been a focused, dedicated, knowledgeable, and intelligent trainer, well read and very passionate about fitness and achieving goals. You’ve changed my life. Thank you

Marshal Tan – Testimonial*

Client: Marshal Tan
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training
Results: Lost 10.5% BF and gained 5kg lean mass in 16 weeks

“Working with Stefan Ianev was a privilege, during our time working together as he has shown various knowledge in training, supplementation and nutrition, with this he was able to help me re comp my body composition, adding strength and lean mass whilst leaning down at the same time. Constant feedback week to week is taken accounted for the modification of nutrition and training parameters, making this a great experience. All this also with the added service of being prompt with emails, training and nutrition changes made things easier and enjoyable. Highly recommend Stefan to anyone who is committed to their goals.”


David Coyne – Testimonial*

Client: David Coyne
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training
Results: Lost 8% BF and gained 5kg lean mass

I first met Stefan in Melbourne while attending the Clean Health Level 1 internship program, (at this point I had been training for about 4 years with some good strength results,without really focusing on body composition, I was also relatively new to the PT industry.) After learning more in those 3 days from Stafan and Daine, than I did in the previous year, I decided to do some online training with Stefan.

Fast forward 6 months and going from 13% to 5% and adding 5kg of lean mass, my strength also increase – I feel I have, not only changed how I look, but my own training methods has evolved and am a far better trainer, having learned from a highly experienced and intelligent coach. Stefan’s style of coaching is decisive, meticulous and clinical. Perfect example of results based training, whether it is online based or coaching 1-on-I.

Stefan has inspired me to excel in this industry and to be recognised as a world class coach. I look forward to working again with Stefan again soon.


Imraan Thanawalla – Testimonial*

Client: Imraan Thanawalla
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: 24 Weeks Fat Loss Personal Training

Training with Stefan not only helped me drop a massive amount of body fat but he also helped me change my training mindset, I no longer think of gym as a chore but an everyday part of my life.


Charles An – Testimonial*

Client: Charles An
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training
Results: Lost 17kg

Words cannot describe this feeling…. all the glory to God. And many many thanks to my amazing trainer MinUk Kim and Stefan Ianev. Started at 107kg now down to 90kg, losing 17kg in total, in 12weeks. This really changed my life. I’ve learnt so much not only about fitness but life as well. Its all about the “mental”. People who are lazy like me and want to get fit, Clean Health Performance Center is the way to go!!!! Just because ive finished my diet that doesnt mean im gonna eat shit again. Now I know how it feels like to be fit I want to stay that way!


Alan Romero – Testimonial*

Client: Alan Romero
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: 8 Weeks Bioprint
Results: 7% Drop in BF and 2kg Lean Muscle Gain

“I am quite familiar with clean health and the results they achieve with their clients, so when I needed a fast result (maximum fat loss and muscle gain in 8 weeks) I knew exactly where to go.
I was paired with Stefan and quickly learned what a wealth of knowledge he is in the world of nutrition.
He assessed my nutritional requirements and calculated everything down to the gram.
Everything must have been on point because 5 weeks later I was 5.7kg of fat down and 700g muscle up with no loss in strength.
I started at 16%BF on DEXA and finished the 8 weeks at 9.4%BF
Without Stefans guidance there is no way I could have achieved this result, his advice was invaluable and he was always able to answer any questions I had to optimise the result.
Thanks for everything

-Alan Romero”