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Lily Ashworth – Testimonial*

Client: Lily Ashworth – Clean Health Athlete & 2 x INBA Fitness Model Champion
Service: Comp Prep
Coach: Jes Murphy

Vesna Valic – Testimonial*

Client: Vesna Valic
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: 12 week figure preparation program
Result: 2nd Place Figure Tall INBA Filex Championships

After many years of going to the gym and essentially doing the same thing day in day out, I thought it was time to do something different. So one day during a chat with a fitness instructor at my local gym, Jes Murphy was recommended to me as I was interested in training to participate in a figure comp and didn’t know where to start. Also I was told that Jes really knows her stuff.

When I first started with Jes in January I had a good level of fitness and reasonable muscle tone, now four months later I am in the best shape I have ever been in, I feel fantastic and received a place (two 2nd’s and one 3rd) in every category that I competed in at the INBA competition recently held at Darling Harbour. What a amazing result and all because of Jes’ training and guidance! Not only is Jes a motivating trainer, who gets results for her clients, Jes actually lives and breathes fitness and really does know her stuff.

If you want to get exceptional results, I would highly recommend Jes Murphy, after all if fitness instructors are recommending Jes she must be great.

Vesna Valic

Jenny Tran – Testimonial*

Client: Jenny Tran
Package: 24 Week Fat Loss Program
Result: 2nd Place 2013 INBA Filex Bikini Model Short

I have always had a curiosity for fitness and bikini model competitions. The curiosity for this sport became somewhat of a personal obsession for me. The sport has challenged me to become both fitter and stronger, and to become confident enough to compete on stage. Until recently I haven’t had the encouragement or the expertise and guidance to fulfil this goal. This prompted me to contact Clean Health to make the goal become a reality. I first saw Clean Health through a friend of mine on Facebook. I started to look into Clean Health to see what sort of guidance and help they could offer me. I read all their client testimonies and saw the dramatic transformation each client had undergone. From these testimonies I knew Clean Health would be key to helping me fulfil my goal.

I first met Rawdon back when I initially joined for the 12 week fat loss program. He was my coach who helped me with my bio-signature, diet and training program. He is a coach who is extremely meticulous at what he does. His genuine passion for helping his clients has shown me that a dream can become a realistic and achievable goal.

Rawdon is a very passionate coach. His dedication to improve his clients has shown me that a dream can become a realistic and achievable goal. His infectious competitive nature taught me to have self confidence, and that my dream is achievable coupled with hard work and dedication. He brought the competiveness of me out and taught me that anything is possible if you apply yourself and become committed. Throughout my progress I have dropped a dramatic body fat from 20.9% in October 2012 to 10.2% in April 2013. I have also gained 2kgs of lean muscle in a short space of 6 months. Rawdon has helped transform my body from being a token ‘skinny fat’ girl to someone who now looks leaner and fitter. However, the largest transformation for me is my change in my lifestyle. This resulted in me placing 2nd in my first ever competition which was the 2013 INBA Filex Bikini Model Short Category.

I would definitely recommend Clean Health to anyone who is looking for guidance to compete in a bikini or fitness competition or anyone with general fat loss goals. Clean Health and Rawdon have been big part of my journey and I would feel lost without them.


Testimonial* – Chris Bray

Client: Chris Bray
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation Program

I contacted Rawdon in August of 2011 after seeing an advertisement showing the incredible results he achieved using the Clean Health diet and training methods. I had been training regularly during 2009 and early 2010, however professional changes during 2010 meant my lifestyle had become increasingly sedentary. By the middle of 2011 had gained a significant amount of fat, and when it got to the stage where I was struggling to fit into some of my clothes I new a change was needed.

Rawdon began the process by assessing my diet and conducting a biosignature assessment. I weighed 101.6kg at the time and my body was over 26% fat. While cutting gluten was hard at first (who doesn’t love bread?), the change to a paleo diet has been an enjoyable experience and feels as though it would be easy to maintain in the long term.

The training program has been great as well. Rawdon showed me that previously I had been using too many different exercises in the gym, and that better results could be achieved by focussing on a handful of the most efficient exercises and striving to execute them with proper technique. Additionally, prior to training with Rawdon I wasn’t aware of the importance of working an exercise through a full range of motion or controlling the tempo of each repitition. It doesn’t sound like a new or revoloutionary strategy, but if you train by yourself it helps to have an experienced person show you what an effective program looks and feels like.

After 12 weeks I had dropped to 93.9kg, losing 11kg of fat mass while gaining around 3kg of lean mass. With the knowledge I have gained since beginning my sessions with Clean Health, I feel that even more changes to my body composition are completely within reach.


Steph Gregson – Testimonial*

With only 3 weeks till I was competing in my 2nd fitness model competition, my goal was to come in leaner than what I was for my first comp. So I went to visit Daine McDonald at Clean Health to get my BioSignature body fat assessment.

After getting the results from my Biosignature he made some changes to my diet and training that I was to implement over the next few weeks.

With Senior Clean Health Coach Jes Murphy taking care of my training and Daine taking care of my BioSignature I dropped 3.9% body fat in less than 4 weeks! BioSignature helped through detecting which areas of my body needed more assistance with fat loss, which enabled me to implement the correct diet and training plan.

This experience was so beneficial in helping me reach my goal and get up on stage with more confidence and looking better than ever! I truly could not have achieved this without the help of the team at Clean Health, thank you!

Steph Gregson – Fitness Model

Kassra Salar – Testimonial*

Client: Kassra Salar
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: 12 Week Muscle Building Personal Training

For most of 2010 and 2011 I was training for powerlifting. By late September I was lacking motivation and direction and had decided to pursue a different training goal, which was to get big and lean. As Daine has been a colleague of mine for the past 3 years I have been able to see first hand the kind of results he gets with people so I didn’t have to think long to decide who I would like to coach me.

I started with Daine at around 13% in late September and within just 10 weeks I was under 7% with a lean mass increase of 6kg!

Over the last few months my motivation levels and drive in both training and business have increased drastically and I owe a lot of this to Daine’s coaching.

My 12-week investment with him has already paid itself back numerous times over in terms of my physique change, client results and business growth. He has played a mentor like role for me over this time and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking to get serious results with their own training, their personal training business or any coaches looking to further their own education.

Kassra Salar

Director | Salar Strength & Conditioning

Level 2 Poliquin Strength Coach & BioSignature Practitioner


Melissa Darmawan – Testimonial*

Jes has empowered and educated me in my lifestyle, nutrition and training over the last 12 weeks, which has enabled me to be where I am right now. Coming 2nd in the ANB Sydney Sports Model Championships in my first competition would not have happened without Jes’ guidance!”

Deciding I needed some further expert advice for the 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships I sought out the help of Clean Health Founder Daine McDonald.  His specialised knowledge on human performance, his experience in training athletes and his ability to draw conclusions from my BioSignature enabled me to get into the best shape of my life in just 2 weeks prep with him. His knowledge to use the key take outs from the BioSignature to create a nutrition and supplementation protocol for my final 2 weeks of preparation for the ANB Asia Pacific International Championships resulted in a drop from 13.5% to 10.9% body fat while seeing an increase in my lean muscle mass.

For anyone wanting to speak to someone with extensive knowledge in body composition, nutrition and performance, I would definitely suggest Daine McDonald and the team at Clean Health!

Melissa Darmawan – 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships Sports Model 2nd Place