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Loretta Schokman Testimonial*

Client: Loretta Schokman
Coach: Clair Ianev
Program: 12 weeks program
Result: lose 8% bf – put on 4kg lean mass

I went to High School with Daine McDonald Founder of CHPC, we lost touch but thankfully reconnected about 4 yrs ago. Daine told me about CHPC and invited me to follow his social media page, I did and loved the great advice from the blogs, the videos of massive sets they were putting their clients through and finally the results the comp teams were achieving – I was very intrigued.

At this time I was about to compete for the first time. A few months out, I broke the 5th metatarsal bone in my foot & never made it to the stage. Following my injury was the hardest time of my life, after always being very fit and active, then not being able to train at my level for 6 months, my frame of mind, healthy eating and fitness all went down hill. My body rebounded badly, my fitness level dropped and so did my motivation to train. I gained 10kgs over the following three years.

It took a further year but I got my mind back on track and started training again doing daily bootcamp sessions. I lost 5kgs and was ready to hit the weights and take my fitness to the next level, then I tore ligament in my rotator cuff and started having severe chronic neck pain – my training was on hold again!

This year I moved to the Eastern Suburbs & needed a new gym and Personal Trainer so I went straight to CHPC. When I saw Daine I was in pretty bad shape with my shoulder and neck, I was skinny fat, my diet was 50% and there was so much remedial work I needed to do before I could really get into my training again. Daine recommend me to Dr. Mike Badke who is amazing and helped me to improve dramatically so I could start training again and he booked me in with my trainer Clair Reynolds.

Clair is such an amazing trainer and an inspirational woman, she is highly educated, passionate, has a killer body, practices what she preaches, and most of all she really listened to all my needs and cared about me 100% the whole way through my progress.

Clair was patient and understanding throughout all my injuries and helped me to strengthen each area. She took the time to really learn my personality and would know when to tell me to slow down, not go to hard or over train and always gave me that motivational boost of energy right when you think you haven’t got anything left to get you through those last killer sets.

Clair’s knowledge of the female body and mind is outstanding she knows how to get you the results in all your problematic target areas, offers great supplementation advice, delicious meal plans that keep you full and enjoying food and healthy treats that diminish those cravings, her training programs are killer and best of all she always watches and guides your posture and activation in every move.

When I walked in to CHPC I wanted to fix my injuries, strengthen my whole body, lose weight, get my physical confidence back, get growth to my quadriceps and finally hit the Competition Stage, some would say that’s too many goals and I even thought that, but Clair helped me to achieve all of that and much more – forvever grateful – love you Clair!


Jessica De Silver Testimonial*

Client: Jessica De Silver
Coach: Clair Ianev
Result: lost 9% bf 3.8 lean mass
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model

Before joining Clean Health I had never even thought about competing – I had always admired people who competed but with full time work and having 2 young kids I had never really considered it.
I was training with Clair and I decided to set a goal to compete in May 2015 – I was already training hard and eating well so we agreed WHY NOT! We worked hard over the 24 weeks and I was very happy with what I was able to achieve.
I thank Clair for her patience and willingness to answer random questions and Jes for her posing classes and support – I astounded myself that I felt confident to get up on the stage and I thank the team at Clean Health for that.
I am even more eager to do it all over again and make improvements!


Cassie Grul Testimonial*

Client: Cassie Grul
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model
Result: lost 5%bf 1.5 lean mass

I came to Clean Health in October 2014 and was fortunate enough to be put with Clair as my trainer. She pushed me, challenged me and helped me achieve things I thought I could never do.
Throughout my training and comp prep with Clair I lost about 10% body fat and gained confidence and self esteem. She was with me every step of the way throughout comp prep answered all my questions and guided me in the right direction.

I have had a great experience with Clair and Clean Health with personalised training programs and meal plans as well as being educated in how to live a clean and balanced lifestyle.


Angela Bennett Testimonial*

Client: Angela Bennett
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Mama Model
Result: 7% bf 2.5 lean mass

I did it!!! 19 years ago someone suggested I compete, but I had nowhere near the confidence to believe I could possibly achieve something like that, yet, here I am, 39 years old, 5 children & my first ever of many fitness comps under my belt. I accomplished something most won’t ever get close to. I proved to myself I could do it. I had fun. I enjoyed (almost) every second of the journey leading up to this comp.
My coach Clair Reynolds was a perfect fit for me. Clair Reynolds was a perfect fit for me. I certainly tested her patience with my tears, my failures, my questions and crazy emotions. She proved more resilient and capable than most. I didn’t place this time round, but in my eyes I won. I achieved something I didn’t think I ever would. My next comp is May 30th, followed by ANB in October where I’ll be competing in either fitness or figure division. Woohoo!!!

Danielle Gail Testimonial*

Client: Danielle Gail
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model
Result: 8%bf 4.9 lean mass

I moved to Australia with work about 18 months ago. I’d always been into fitness and going to the gym, but had never worked with a trainer and to be honest didn’t really know what I was doing! I decided moving to Aus would be an ideal opportunity to focus more on my training and nutrition, and hopefully meet some like minded people.
Luckily my research brought me to Clean Health, and in particular my coach Clair. With Clair’s expert coaching and guidance I began to see my body change.
My confidence began to grow, and when Clair suggested entering a bikini comp I thought I’d go for it! Although it took a lot of hard work, commitment and determination I made it on stage and was thrilled to place in all three of my divisions, coming away with two silvers and a bronze. I would never have imagined I could achieve these results, and I feel the whole experience has completely changed my life for the better.
I am so grateful to Clair for teaching me how to live a clean, yet balanced life and get the most out of my training while enjoying it at the same time. I have meet some amazing and inspiring people through Clean Health, and just feel very fortunate that this experience has been part of my life.

Sarah Joy Verne Testimonial*

Coach: Clair Ianev
Client: Sarah Joy Verne.
Package: 12 weeks
Result: 5% BF

I’ve really enjoyed my time so far at clean health I’ve not just been training, I’ve been learning. Clair is a wealth of knowledge, she has not only answered all my questions but she has shared a lot of useful information that I can take away and put into practice now that my first comp is done. Our sessions have been really good and she pushes me to the limit. I’ve had a biosig about every 2 weeks and during these appointments Clair takes the time to explain the changes that are made to my program so that I understand what I’m doing and why.
The result was a 10% drop in BF, lean muscle gain and 5th place Bikini first timers at INBA Sydney Super Bodies! Can’t wait to set
some new goals with Clair!


Alex Ho – Testimonial*

Coaches: Nick Moen & Charles Walker
Client: Alex Ho.
Service: Fat Loss Personal Training
After 2 major left shoulder surgeries,i started to train at Clean Health in April with more than 37% body fat.Coach Charles wrote me a nutrition plan and started training slowly to avoid further injury and feeling pain. Then Coach Nick took in charge because Charles went to a summer course at a prestige university in the US.

During this period of time,i could see significant results when i followed their nutrition plans and trained hard.I also saw significant negative results when i did not follow the meal plans.

Nick was once my online coach and he helped me to improve my body composition so i know he is good.This time i am delighted to have him with me throughout this journey.He trained me and designed the nutrition plans.Not only my body fat has dropped from 37% to 23-24% in 4 months while i had few weeks off in
HK and in Hawaii.My whole body composition has been improved.I can also lift much heavier and squat down to grass with heavier weight. When i left Clean Health i could deadlift 110kg and i broke the record this week myself. Still a very long way to go to lift like before.Patience + Practise!

This doesn’t come easy consider i trained at Clean Health during the weekdays and occasionally the Strongman class on saturdays.I also trained twice a day for the first 2 months.Morning in Clean Health and another HIIT or Strongman class in another gym in the evening.
The last 2 months,i trained once a day then walked home from Bondi to Coogee then to Randwick almost 4 times a week!THERE IS NO MAGIC PILLS!
I sincerely thank you very much to my coaches!!Also thank you to other coaches at Clean Health for the support and the good time and good laugh!!!

Lisa Richardson – Testimonial*

Client: Lisa Richardson
Coach: Nick Moen
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation

I use to think I could exercise off my bad diet by training harder and longer the next day (paying for my sins in a way) and that worked well up until I turned 38, where I discovered I had love handles, back fat and cellulite down my legs….yuck!

At 5″2, weighing 64kg with 24% body fat, something had to change! I joined the CHPC through the recommendation of a friend with the idea of entering into a body building comp before I turned 40 (my first bucket list idea) and I have never looked back!
Under the watchful eye of level 3 coach Nick Moen I’ve lost 10kg weighing in at 54kg and dropped down to 8.5% body fat (down from 17.6%). I entered my first bodybuilding comp where I placed 2nd in Figure first timers, 5th open Novice and 3rd in my height category! Boom!!!

If you’re serious about a healthy lifestyle, looking and feeling great then I highly recommend CHPC! Word of warning though (to your prospective partners) you may get a little “hangry” (hungry and angry) leading up to a competition but the rewards certainly outweigh the sacrifices. Nothing tastes better than fitting into a size 6 pair of jeans especially when your previous size was almost a 12!.


Lisa Richardson