Clean Health Coaches

Head Coach – Daine McDonald

Daine McDonald

Head Coach at the Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald is one of Australia’s most in-demand trainers. Boasting extensive knowledge of functional medicine and first-hand experience in athletic training, he is known for his no-nonsense and integrative approach to helping his clients achieve rapid health and fitness goals, whether they are fat loss, muscle building or athletic performance.

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Stefan Ianev – Education Manager | Level 5 Coach

Stefan Ianev - Clean Health Coach

Stefan has over 10 years of industry experience as a personal trainer and has helped hundreds of individuals achieve their health and physique goals. As the former founder and head coach of Elite Advantage he has built a reputation as one of the leading personal trainers in Australia. He specialises in optimising body composition for clients, and physique competition preparation.

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Clair Ianev – Level 3 Coach

Clair Reynolds - Clean Health Coach

Clair is extremely passionate about coaching and helping her clients to achieve their own personal goals while having fun and learning life-changing skills along the way, giving you the confidence and independence you require to achieve your personal goals.
Clair is proud to say she has reached her goals in her own physique, sculpting and transforming her body to her perfect shape.

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Michal Palus | Level 3 Coach

Michal Palus - Clean Health Coach

Michal moved to Australia in 2011 with the desire to change career paths from Accountant to Fitness Trainer. He has always loved fitness and health and has been actively involved in athletics, hockey, water polo and tennis. Michal found playing competitive hockey to be one of the hardest and fastest team sports, giving him a solid grounding in what it means to train hard.

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Paul Stevenson | Level 3 Coach

Paul expertly combines a passion for hands-on work with his clients with a love of theory-based learning to ensure each client receives the best possible attention and consequent outcome. He is constantly striving to expand his already substantial existing knowledge on training and nutrition in an ever shifting and expanding industry.

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