About Our Education Program

About Our Education Program

Clean Health Education was founded by Daine McDonald in 2010, who, after having multiple requests from trainers to develop a seminar to teach his methods created a 2 day seminar on fat loss training and nutrition methods to a dozen trainers at Fitness First North Sydney, Sydney Australia.

Today our education program has expanded to include five teaching staff with a combined 50 years plus industry experience and over 4 tertiary degrees between them. Our presenters today are:

  1. Daine McDonald (Founder Clean Health & Clean Health Education)
  2. Stefan Ianev (Director of Education)
  3. Charles Walker (Senior Coach & Medical Scientist)

Since 2010 we have educated close to 1000 personal trainers and nutritionists from around Australia and the world, traveling from countries such as Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Monaco, Ireland, Finland and many more.

We pride ourselves on staying up to date with all things health and fitness ensuring that not only do our students get the latest cutting edge information on what does and does not work but that they also get to go through trialed and tested systems that we have used with our clients for years to get the industry leading results we are known for.

With our reputation we are also able to collaborate with many of the leading individuals in the fitness industry today from across all fields such as nutrition, Olympic lifting, strength training, bodybuilding. Names such as Charles Poliquin, Milos Sarcev, Dmitry Klokov, Mark Schauss and many more have all done courses under our umbrella.

So if you are a personal trainer, nutritionist or strength coach looking to separate yourself from the pack then look no further than our educational seminars and internships. For more information on our education programs CONTACT US today!

For further assistance on our education courses please contact our administration team on +61 2 9882 2778 or email at: education@www.chfeb16.dev

We reserve the right to postpone or cancel a Clean Health Education event for any reason in which case we will offer participants an alternate seminar. We may also change the venue and the seminar structure may vary to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. Clean Health Education do not for any reason issue refunds, a course credit for the full amount will be issued to use towards any event/seminar held by Clean Health education.