Clean Health Education

About Our Education Program

Clean Health Education was founded by Daine McDonald in 2010, who, after having multiple requests from trainers to develop a seminar to teach his methods created a 2 day seminar on fat loss training and nutrition methods to a dozen trainers at Fitness First North Sydney, Sydney Australia.
Today our education program has expanded to include five teaching staff with a combined 50 years plus industry experience

iNutrition Pro Level 1&2

The iNutrition Pro level 1 certification teaches you the science of the digestive system along with how to understand the different macro and micronutrients.
You will be taught the most optimal and accurate system for designing nutritional plans for every type of client that you may come across. This will allow you to create nutritional plans for clients with our without our revolutionary software iNutrition Pro.

Packages Calendar

Combine any number of seminar combinations together in a city near you. Check out the calendar to see what packages are available. Huge savings are to be had when combining several seminars into the one package.

Online Education

Our online education programs is designed for those who wish to attend our seminars in person but are unable to make it to one of our seminar locations. Since 2010 we have conducted consults via Skype and Facetime with trainers from around the world.
With our online education programs you are able to get access to our education staff one on one for the modules you wish to learn from, enabling you to learn in far greater depth our secrets that have made us one of the worlds’ leading results based personal training

Brain Picking Consults

Since 2010 we have received requests from personal trainers, nutritionists and strength coaches from around the globe on just how we get the industry leading results that we are known around the world for.
Our brain picking service is designed for those who would like to book in one or more hours of time with one of our senior staff on any topic that they wish to learn upon.