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Daine’s extensive experience, knowledge and constant self-education in the fields of nutritional medicine, exercise science, health and fitness has seen him rise to the top of his field. He has been requested to speak at corporate events, forums and functions, inspiring and educating corporate clients by imparting his wealth of academic knowledge, personal experience and warm personality.

The following is a letter Daine received after presenting at a corporate forum, and an example of the positive and lasting impact his talks and presentations can provide for you, your colleagues and clients.

Corporate Health – Champ Private Equity*

Corporate Health

Champ Private Equity

Dear Daine, Thank you so much for presenting at the 2009 CHAMP Private Equity Annual CFO Forum. Your brief was to present to a small group of Chief Financial Officers from our various portfolio companies. We wanted to have one topic during the Forum that was a little outside the square and more focused on the health and productivity of the individual.
We knew that your presentation would be good otherwise we wouldn’t have hired you initially but I have to say how good it was and the level of interaction with the audience blew us away.

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