Clean Health Online Personal Training Results

Online Personal Training Testimonial: Navid*

Client: Navid Alaee Service: Online Personal Training Result: 6% drop in BF in and 3kg lean muscle gain 12 weeks Ive been training for 10 years and been a personal trainer for 5. I went through a rough stage within myself, feeling like i had no direction with my training. As a result my motivation […]

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Online Personal Training Testimonial: Stuart*

Client: Stuart Hintz Service: Online Personal Training Result: 8.5% drop in BF in and 4kg lean muscle gain 12 weeks I’ve been training with the Clean Health Fitness Institute online now for just over 12 weeks with the intention of getting ready for a photo shoot in December 2016. After my initial 12-week program I […]

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Marshal Tan – Testimonial*

Client: Marshal Tan
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training
Results: Lost 10.5% BF and gained 5kg lean mass in 16 weeks
“Working with Stefan Ianev was a privilege, during our time working together as he has shown various knowledge in training, supplementation and nutrition, with this he was able to help me re comp my body composition, adding strength and lean mass whilst leaning down at the same time. Constant feedback week to week is taken accounted for the modification of nutrition and training parameters

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David Coyne – Testimonial*

Client: David Coyne
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training
Results: Lost 8% BF and gained 5kg lean mass
I first met Stefan in Melbourne while attending the Clean Health Level 1 internship program, (at this point I had been training for about 4 years with some good strength results,without really focusing on body composition, I was also relatively new to the PT industry.) After learning more in those 3 days from Stafan and Daine

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Tatiana Prokofyeva – Testimonial*

Tatiana Prokofyeva - Clean Health Result

Client: Tatiana Prokofyeva
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: 12 Week Online Personal Training
Results: 1st Place IFBB Amateur Bikini Olympia, Prague October 2013
Whilst snowboarding in New Zealand earlier this year I got a call from IFBB with exiting news that I’d been invited to compete in Arnold’s Sport Festival in Spain. At this stage I had just 7 weeks to get ready

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Chris Heron – Testimonial*

Chris Heron

Client: Chris Heron
Coach: Rawdon Dubois
Service: 12 week online personal training
“Rawdon’s help with my recent Miami Pro competition was excellent. This was my first competition in this kind of arena and there is a huge amount to take on. It is forever changing as you do and you need the details to be spot on. I am a personal trainer in London and run a very successful business but needed to be answerable to someone! Right from the get-go Rawdon’s enthusiasm for helping was very motivating.

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Kylie Dixon – Testimonial*

Kylie Dixon

Service: 24 Week Online Personal Training
Client: Kylie Dixon
Coach: Nick Moen
Result: 2013 1st Place INBA Figure Novice NSW Championships
For years I have admired the physiques of those that get up on stage and compete and could only dream of being in such amazing shape. After coming across Clean Health’s website and reading through some of the testimonials I actually started thinking, with the right guidance, maybe I could turn the dream into a reality. I was particularly interested in competing in the physique category.

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Aisling Compson – Testimonial*

Aisling Compson

Client: Aisling Compson
Coach: Nick Moen
Service: 12 Week Online Personal Training Program
Result: 2nd Place IFBB Omara Classic Physique
I was looking for training and nutritional support program for the March 2013 IFBB competition in Perth.
I found Clean Health online and decided to sign up for the 12 week program.
Nick Moen was my coach for the 12 weeks. Nick was professional, supportive and available

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Keesha Booth – Testimonial*

Keesha Booth Clean Health Result

Client: Keesha Booth
Coach: Nick Moen
Program: 12 Week Online
Result: Competed in first fitness model competition!
I live in a remote mining town in WA and needed a fitness goal to keep me busy, healthy and happy. I found Clean Health online and decided to take up the 24 weeks challenge to get in shape for my first fitness model challenge in March 2013. I learnt so much from my trainer Nick and over the course of the 24 weeks I have really appreciated the training philosophies and nutrition advice I have received.

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Elina Vestola – Testimonial*

Elina Vestola

Client: Elina Vestola
Goal: Compete in IFBB Figure competition
Last April I wanted to take my training to a next level and prepare for IFBB Bodybuilding Titles in October. I had never competed in bodybuilding before so I wanted to find someone to get me the best shape of my life in a healthy way. Being familiar with weight training and Biosignature I knew it was the way to go. I had followed Clean Health on facebook and through a recommendation by a friend I decided to sign in their 24 weeks online preparation program.

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