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Clean Health has developed a reputation for delivering cutting edge information in an engaging and captivating manner…

Engaging Presenters

With a background in the military and over eight years experience in the fitness industry Clean Health Co-Director Daine McDonald is well placed to engage your team as he educates and entertains throughout the presentation. Constantly learning and known for his ability to get results he is able to articulate his vision across to your team so that they leave knowing it is time for them to make a change!

With 10 years experience in the fitness industry teaching to the masses Clean Health Co-Director Claudine Newton is well versed in engaging and keeping her audience captive throughout the presentation. With her years of experience up on stage and her background in Public Relations she is a natural at articulating her health message to her audience.

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Corporate health Seminars

Along with our corporate health assessment program we also offer one off seminars to your staff, which can help educate your staff on how implementing simple steps into their lifestyle, nutrition and training can create a more productive them and therefore a more optimally functioning workplace.

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Platinum Corporate Personal Training Service

Our platinum corporate personal training service is caters to the high end of the corporate world that wish to get into shape fast through Clean Health’s unique personal training service. We offer UNLIMITED personal training in 24 and 48 week packages to companies who which to have their upper levels of management trained by the best in the business in our platinum service.

From experience we have found those CFO’s, Managers, CEO’s that come on board with this program see a sharp increase in their work performance. A healthier management team equals a healthier business. We guarantee results to your staff not only with their health but also with their performance in your business.

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Here is a testimonial from one of our very happy corporate clients:

Corporate Personal TrainingChamp Private Equity

Dear Daine,

Thank you so much for presenting at the 2009 CHAMP Private Equity Annual CFO Forum. Your brief was to present to a small group of Chief Financial Officers from our various portfolio companies. We wanted to have one topic during the Forum that was a little outside the square and more focused on the health and productivity of the individual.

We knew that your presentation would be good otherwise we wouldn’t have hired you initially but I have to say how good it was and the level of interaction with the audience blew us away. Your presentation “Brain Health & Optimal Work Function” was dynamic, entertaining and a real hit with our CFO’s. It is clear that you are both passionate and very knowledgeable about health and fitness. The attendees were very engaged, asked a lot of questions and were genuinely interested in all the information.

As you know we had a number of presenters that day and our attendees agreed that your presentation was one of the best and most interesting. You presented just before our lunch break and your presentation was the main topic of discussion during lunch and indeed at the drinks towards the end of the day.

A few days after the Forum I received a call from one of the CFO’s requesting your contact details so that he could arrange for you to present to the employees of their company so the ultimate compliment for you.

Thank you again for such a wonderful presentation and for inspiring our attendees to make some positive health changes in their lives, for their families and possibly work colleagues. We would not hesitate in recommending your services.

Best regards


Barry Zuckerman and Michelle Gully
CHAMP Private Equity

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