Samuel Navarro’s Client Results

Matt Walsh – Testimonial*

Client: Matt Walsh
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation
Results: Dropped from 10% to 5% BF and gained 2kg Lean Mass
Stefan, I wanted to say thank you for all of your help, insight, support and guidance in my training and nutrition in the lead up to my competing. I couldn’t have been happier with how my physique was on comp day. We were always taking a gamble with what my body was gonna cope with and react too but you were spot on every time.

Nikolett Toth – Testimonial*

Client: Nikolett Toth
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation
“Stefan made me realise that I wasn’t eating enough to get great results, especially when it came to carbs. Although it was initially a strange concept to eat more carbohydrates, in the end it made me feel better, sleep better and achieve better fat loss results. He also pushed me when it came to my training, which definitely paid off.

Loretta Schokman Testimonial*

Client: Loretta Schokman
Coach: Clair Ianev
Program: 12 weeks program
Result: lose 8% bf – put on 4kg lean mass
I went to High School with Daine McDonald Founder of CHPC, we lost touch but thankfully reconnected about 4 yrs ago. Daine told me about CHPC and invited me to follow his social media page, I did and loved the great advice from the blogs, the videos of massive sets they were putting their clients through and finally the results the comp teams were achieving – I was very intrigued.

Jessica De Silver Testimonial*

Client: Jessica De Silver
Coach: Clair Ianev
Result: lost 9% bf 3.8 lean mass
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model
Before joining Clean Health I had never even thought about competing – I had always admired people who competed but with full time work and having 2 young kids I had never really considered it.
I was training with Clair and I decided to set a goal to compete in May 2015 – I was already training hard and eating well so we agreed WHY NOT!

Cassie Grul Testimonial*

Client: Cassie Grul
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model
Result: lost 5%bf 1.5 lean mass
I came to Clean Health in October 2014 and was fortunate enough to be put with Clair as my trainer. She pushed me, challenged me and helped me achieve things I thought I could never do.
Throughout my training and comp prep with Clair I lost about 10% body fat and gained confidence and self esteem.

Angela Bennett Testimonial*

Client: Angela Bennett
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Mama Model
Result: 7% bf 2.5 lean mass
I did it!!! 19 years ago someone suggested I compete, but I had nowhere near the confidence to believe I could possibly achieve something like that, yet, here I am, 39 years old, 5 children & my first ever of many fitness comps under my belt. I accomplished something most won’t ever get close to. I proved to myself I could do it. I had fun. I enjoyed (almost) every second of the journey leading up to this comp.

Danielle Gail Testimonial*

Client: Danielle Gail
Coach: Clair Ianev
Show: INBA Superbodies Category: Bikini Model
Result: 8%bf 4.9 lean mass
I moved to Australia with work about 18 months ago. I’d always been into fitness and going to the gym, but had never worked with a trainer and to be honest didn’t really know what I was doing! I decided moving to Aus would be an ideal opportunity to focus more on my training and nutrition, and hopefully meet some like minded people.

Sarah Joy Verne Testimonial*

Coach: Clair Ianev
Client: Sarah Joy Verne.
Package: 12 weeks
Result: 5% BF
I’ve really enjoyed my time so far at clean health I’ve not just been training, I’ve been learning. Clair is a wealth of knowledge, she has not only answered all my questions but she has shared a lot of useful information that I can take away and put into practice now that my first comp is done. Our sessions have been really good and she pushes me to the limit.

Lisa Richardson – Testimonial*

Client: Lisa Richardson
Coach: Nick Moen
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation
I use to think I could exercise off my bad diet by training harder and longer the next day (paying for my sins in a way) and that worked well up until I turned 38, where I discovered I had love handles, back fat and cellulite down my legs….yuck!
At 5″2, weighing 64kg with 24% body fat, something had to change!

Anjelica Knezevic – Testimonial*

Client: Anjelica Knezevic
Coachs: Jes Murhy & Neli Afshari
Service: Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Model Preparation

I have been training at Clean Health as I wanted to improve my health and wellbeing and to compete in my very first INBA competition. I have been extremely happy with the ongoing support and expertise of super coaches Jes Murphy and Neli Afshari who are both very dedicated individuals, always providing ongoing nutritional information and assistance to help me achieve my goal.