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Jess Murphy Muscle Building

Clean Health client Jes Murphy displays her impressive lean, muscular physique

If you’re tired of hitting the gym week after week, year after year with little variation in results for the time you’ve invested, or feel that while you work hard you don’t seem to be getting a return on your current training investment, then consider CHPC’s Muscle Building Program.

Our high-end muscle building service is aimed towards males (but also caters to females) who want to achieve a harder, more chiselled, powerful and athletic look. For 95% of males using our system this is attainable, provided you follow our proven methods. It is not uncommon for our male clients to gain between four to eight kilos of lean muscle mass during our 12-week programs.

Unlike other muscle building programs, our one-on-one service focuses on building lean muscle while losing body fat. We do not focus on a puffy, exaggerated look – we focus on attaining you a head-turning, lean and powerful physique. We do this primarily through using weights, focusing on optimising your nutrition and manipulating your hormones through the BioSignature system. This maximises your ability to gain lean muscle mass fast.

Our Muscle Building Program comes as two different options:

  • 12-week Lean Muscle Machine – our Gold package, guaranteed to develop a new, amazing you in only 12 weeks’ time
  • 24-week Total Body Transformation – our Platinum package which guarantees that by following our system we will transform the person you currently see standing before you when you look in the mirror. You have nothing to gain but lean muscle!

You have the option of training two to five times per week with us on both packages, and they also include the BioSignature system free of charge.

Please visit the testimonials section to see what others have to say about increasing their lean muscle mass with Clean Health Personal Training. For more information contact us today.

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