Raw Powerlifting Competition Preparation

One of our national champion clients in the 52 and 56kg raw class...

One of our national champion clients in the 52 and 56kg raw class…

If you’ve ever thought about seeing how far you could take your squat, bench press and deadlift, then RAW Powerlifting may be the sport for you.

As an IPF and PA affiliated club we regularly host powerlifting events and coach clients to the IPF/PA National and World Championships. Over the last few years Clean Health has established itself as having some of the premiere power lifting coaches in the country, producing multiple national champions and record holders in both the male and female categories. Several of our coaches also currently compete and are national record holders in their classes.

We only train people for RAW or RAW Plus categories. In a RAW Powerlifting event participants are only allowed to wear a belt, no special suits or pieces of equipment are allowed.

Our powerlifting competition program is designed for those whom are already involved in the sport and wish to take their performance to the next level, as well as novices who have never competed before and wish to test their levels of strength. So if you wish to achieve feats of strength you never thought possible, contact us today.

Check our YouTube channel for plenty of videos of our powerlifting clients and champions displaying their amazing feats of strength.

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