Strongman classes

CHPC Modified Strongman Classes

Modified strongman training is the term coined to describe a certain group of exercises used to elicit various physical goals, such as improved athletic performance, fat loss or functional hypertrophy.

The type of equipment we primarily use in Strongman training includes:

  • The Prowler
  • Sleds
  • Farmers Walk
  • Battle Ropes
  • Log Press
  • Tyres
  • Hammers
  • Super Yoke
  • Plenty of squats, deadlifting, pressing and pulling, plus much more!

At Clean Health we design our Strongman classes with the sole objective of dropping as much body fat as possible whilst building functional lean muscle. So the aim is to increase your heart rate whilst stimulating a beneficial hormonal response designed to create rapid fat loss and lean muscle gains.

Our Strongman classes are open to all levels of fitness, so everyone from seasoned athletes to beginners will be able to handle the rigours of this type of training.

The class is formatted in a circuit usually consisting of 10-12 stations with the equipment above, where participants spend approximately two to three minutes on each station. Stations vary in endurance-based versus power-based instruction, so that we keep your body guessing and the classes interesting.

Participants are grouped into teams of two to four, depending on class size and with people on or around their same level of strength and conditioning.

Classes are open to CHPC members and non-members alike, and run every Saturday at 8am.

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Video 2: CHPC Strongman – We Get You Lean Fast!


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