Three tonics to boost your morning health

At the Clean Health Fitness Institute, we spend a lot of time on maximizing sleep and recovery for our personal training clients, both online and at our Chatswood gym. A client who sleeps and recovers the best, will always lose body fat the fastest. Here are a few great health hacks to support your training and recovery.

Finishing the day off right sets the tone for the next day. Now, to truly maximise results and also compliance, my method is also about “winning the morning”. How you start the day, dictates client’s results, mindset and compliance to all aspects of lifestyle, training and nutrition for the rest of the day. So, my advice is to start the day in a positive manner, to maximize results!

With that being said, here are my top 3 health hacks you can begin using today to get yourself into the best shape of your life…

Health Hack #1 – Himalayan salt and lime juice in water

I am all about bang for buck intervention with my personal training clients. Nothing starts the day like that with this concoction, that I first learnt from world renowned Strength Coach and Personal Trainer Wolfgang Unsold. So why salt and lime juice?

Himalayan salt, or salt of any color (not table salt) is crucial for stress management. Salt nourishes our adrenals and supports adrenal health. Now our adrenals are responsible for the production of our stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline. The more stressed we are, the more we tax our adrenals.

When they become fatigued it can distort our circadian rhythm which can lead to low morning energy and high evening energy, or a combination of both. Over time the extra salt will allow for adrenal health to improve and energy levels and ability to handle stressors increase.

To further assess the balance of sodium in your body, you can run a blood chemistry panel and check your sodium to potassium ratio. Now that is a topic for another article, but if you want to learn more about blood chemistry assessment and optimizing health I recommend you attend the Blood Chemistry Essentials for Optimal Health Seminar with our founder and CEO Daine McDonald.

Finally, when balanced out with the shot of lime, which has a very positive impact on the acid-alkaline balance in our body this little first morning cocktail can have an even greater myriad of health benefits. Further to the above, when we further alkalize the body you will generally find as a side effect that energy rises as the enzymes responsible for morning energy sky rocket. The drink does not taste the best but get it down as it will have a huge effect on energy levels almost immediately.

Health Hack #2 – Coffee with MCT Oils, Cream or Grass Fed Butter

Now firstly, coffee is a good thing, especially when the timing is right. Coffee raises cortisol due to the caffeine hit, exactly what we want in the morning. Cortisol should be highest in the morning and then steadily drop off as the day progresses.

The issue is, most people need many coffees throughout the day, as they get the caffeine hit, it spikes their energy, then falls just as fast. Combining your coffee with a tea spoon of fats whether from oils or butter. The fats will slow down the release of caffeine, which will give the client a less dramatic initial hit of energy, and a more stabilized and longer lasting energy hit which is exactly what we want our clients to have. Stable energy levels!

Health Hack #3 – Licorice Root Extract

This trick is an old Charles Poliquin gem which works a treat! Licorice root extract is a staple of my work with personal training clients the last few years as it time and time again has fantastic and immediate results on elevating cortisol levels.  As discussed previously, cortisol levels should rise rapidly as the sun rises and peak towards lunch time. Cortisol should be your body’s natural alarm clock and having you jump out of bed ready to start the day.

Then, cortisol should slowly decline to a very low level at night as it gets dark as we prepare for bed. This in turn allows us to naturally relax and fall asleep when it is bed time. Unfortunately, this optimal circadian rhythm, is rare with the stressed out general population clientele we work with. Generally, most clients wake up with no energy at all, and are constantly having fast energy hits, then just as fast crashes.

Licorice root extract extends the half-life of cortisol. What this means is it has a pronounced effect on stabilizing the effects of cortisol first thing in the morning. So rather than the constant up and downs though out the day, it allows for more stable energy levels throughout the day. A client with high energy in the morning, combined with stable energy throughout the day, will be far more compliant and therefore far more successful at achieving their goals.

Yours in health,

Mark Carroll / Global Head of Education

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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