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Our Fitness Business seminar run by the founder and CEO of Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald is designed to give business owners in the fitness industry a key insight into the best ways for success and growth in your business.

Building the Ultimate Fitness Business Seminar Testimonial

By Camilla Akerberg

I am a Swedish-Finnish fitness professional residing in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. I am a qualified personal trainer, online fitness and health coach, performance nutrition coach (personalized meal plans etc.), fitness influencer (ig: @camilla_akerberg) and blogger ( In today’s rapidly growing fitness industry, it is important to continuously develop yourself.

You need to stay on top of the game with recent information, new scientific research and techniques for business growth to stay ahead amongst the ever-growing amount of fitness professionals. Continuous self-development is the key to success.

I was excited to take part of Clean Health Fitness Institute’s “Building the Ultimate Fitness Business course”, an industry leading short course for professional development, in September 2017. The course was a one-day business booster, providing so much information on how to build your fitness business.

Here Daine McDonald is lecturing his students

I highly recommend this course for anyone in the fitness industry wanting to either start up their personal training/ fitness business, expand their business or find a more suitable business model to follow for ultimate profit proliferation.

Daine McDonald; founder & CEO of Clean Health Fitness Institute, fitness industry business consultant and one of Australia’s top industry professionals, guided us through the course for the day. He continually references life experience examples which made the course material relatable and helpful. Here are three points, amongst many, that I found very interesting and helpful, to help build an Ultimate Fitness Business.

1. Targeting your market right- Identifying your niche

Knowing your target market is such an important aspect of building a successful business so that you stand out amongst competitors. Daine pointed out the importance of understanding your own passion in the industry and your set of specific skills and strengths to create a unique innovative selling point to capture interested buyers that need your product. Once you have a clear identification of your niche; your brand, business culture and marketing strategies you need to match it with your audience in your specific location.

2. Tax fundamentals and creating legal barriers for protection

Setting up a smart business model for your fitness business, no matter what business structure you operate under, if you are a sole trader, in a partnership, having a knowledge of this can really help you minimise your tax and protect you legally if faced with a hardship. Daine went in to detail about business setups, how trusts work and distinctive business models that have substantial benefits to you as a fitness professional. It was very interesting to have someone with so much experience in business, and the fitness industry, share tax loopholes and how to keep your business legally safe.

3. Your website is your biggest asset and the foundation of all marketing

Where do people go when they are looking for a personal trainer or online coaches? Google. Social media channels should come second to assist with your website interaction. Your priority should be on cumulating your website traffic and making your website user-friendly which will help to convert website visits to sales.

Clean Health Fitness Institute’s “Building the Ultimate Fitness Business” course is a development step I believe every fitness professional need to take. It will help you build your business and reduce potential errors in management and profit loss by streamline your business structures and helping you chose a suitable industry pathway and build a successful and growing business.

I was surprised regarding all the methods that I can personally take to better my online fitness coaching business and I am looking forward to putting these fundamental strategies into action!

High Profile Personal Trainer and online coach Camilla Akerberg has implemented these key points above to improve her overall business’s performance!

Editors note: If you are a personal trainer or fitness professional wanting to grow and optimise your business check out our Intensive Business development program HERE. To check out when we are next teaching our Building Your Ultimate Fitness Business check out event calendar HERE. Finally, for more information on Daine himself visit his website!


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