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Results are everything. Results lead to a happy client and a happy coach but most of all, results sell!! There is nothing more powerful in the fitness world today, than seeing an amazing before and after transformation. A client starting with no confidence and high body fat who finishes with a big smile and a confident glow, plus lean muscle mass and the stomach of their dreams… Now that is powerful! These results are what makes a personal trainers career.

So, in a saturated market, how do you do this well enough to stand out from the crowd?

Master the following…

  1. Understanding the General Pop client
  2. Nutritional design for General Pop compliance
  3. Program Design

Understanding the General Pop client –

  • Don’t train your client like you train yourself!

In order to achieve amazing transformations, we need to understand our clients physiology and psychology. The bodies and mind set of ‘gen pop’ clientele are vastly different to that of personal trainers and competitors. The issue is, trainers train ‘Gen Pop” like they are training themselves. You must coach your clients to THEIR physiology and THEIR mindset.

  • Your client needs to BELIEVE in you, themselves and the system.

You MUST win your client over in the first 2 weeks. It is crucial that the scales move within the first 2 weeks in order for the client to believe in you, themselves and their journey. Scales are not the be all and end all, but they have powerful affect on this market.

  • Physiology vs psychology

The physiology of a general pop client is vastly different to that of a young and fit personal trainer. Simply put, the higher your body fat is, the more your physiology changes. As a coach your nutritional program needs to be tailored specifically to your clients body fat, placing them in a calorie deficit that is going to deliver the desired outcome.

Firstly, we must design an achievable meal plan. I have a few distinct rules for diets for clients…

  1. Provide structure, beginners need rules and structure and advanced clients need flexibility and guide lines, not restriction. For the ‘Gen pop’ client you must give the client exactly what you want them to eat, not too much flexibility and don’t start by encouraging calorie counting apps! Remember, the client is paying you, the coach to think.
  2. Set the energy balance. It’s crucial to understand the macronutrient break down is not going to determine the rate of fat loss. Fat loss is determined by the energy balance, aka the ‘calorie deficit’. The macro breakdown will however determine how the clients FEEL on the diet. Feeling good, is imperative. A client who has no energy, moody, lethargic and lacking motivation, will not be a compliment client for long. My way of achieving a happy and motivated is stabilising blood sugar levels. My initial approach is what my mentor Daine McDonald taught me, and a Clean Health approach, the ‘Diet Bootcamp”. In the first 2 weeks, my clients will undertake a no carb nutrition plan, with the goal of taking away constant insulin spikes, and stabilising blood glucose levels throughout the day. All of a sudden, clients start feeling a sense of constantly level energy. No more ups and very big downs. No more 3pm energy crashes and hunger cravings. When we make a client feel more energised and focused, guess what happens? Increased compliance!
  3. Design a tailored program. The ‘general pop’ client does not need advanced or fancy programs, they need programs that are designed for their training age, physiology and finally, their bodies health. Time and time again, I see coaches “force” the big lifts – squats and deadlifts on clients who have zero interest in being strong. Combined with their bodies having zero ability to execute the movements in a manner which is safe let alone deliver results.

When it comes to exercise selection, General pop need 3 things from their exercises:

  1. Safe movement patterns:

If a client cannot move safely and freely, they have no business doing a low bar squat.

  1. Choose a movement that can be done properly!

Next, we need to choose movements the clients can work hard on. Working hard comes back to having confidence in what they are doing. If you are choosing a movement which requires 10 different cues, all you are doing, is confusing the client and making them feel incompetent.

  1. Finally, the client needs movements they will enjoy!

Remember, training should be fun!! This should be the least stressful hour of their entire day! I like to give women a 60-70% ratio of lower body exercises, then males a 60-70% ratio of upper movements. Why? Because males and females both love training specific parts of their body. So give them exercises they will enjoy! Simple really isn’t it?

Through understanding your ‘gen pop’ clients or your specific target market, from physiology to psychology, we start to build a base for what the client needs. Not just their needs for their goal, but specific “needs” to keep them compliant to achieve the goal. Then we add in sound nutritional programs which are strict with rules, to ensure the client makes no mistakes, then, we are almost there to the transformation.

Now, we finish with mastering program design for the General Pop client. It’s imperative that we program to our specific clients needs, over that of a generalised approach. Less is more, simple is best, and enjoyable wins!

By Mark Carroll

Global Head of Education

About CHFI Brand Manager

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