Beau Cross – Testimonial*

Client: Beau Cross
Service: 12-Week Transformation Program & Ongoing

Before I trained with brad my very standard training styles were somewhat ineffective and my diet was all over the place as I was never sure if I was hitting the mark in terms of calories and macros splits which was extremely frustrating at times. I knew the direction I wanted my body to move in but I didn’t know how to get it there.

Brads approach to training is very tough and intense. But there was always good reason behind everything we did. He showed me how to put tension in the muscle were it needed to be so I was always getting the most of every exercise rather then just going through the motions. This gave my body no choice but to respond in the way we needed it too.

The nutritional plan he outlined for me was very well thought out. My body was always primed to train when I walked in the gym, and restored properly afterwards. This made a big difference in my energy throughout the day and improved my sleep drastically, which had been something I was struggling with for years.

Since training with Brad my passion for the gym and the fitness lifestyle has changed my life! So much so that I’m now studying to become a personal trainer myself!

If you’re not getting the results you want from your training and nutrition I would highly recommend Brad and the team at Clean Health!

Beau Cross Clean Health Transformation Result

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