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By Daine McDonald / Founder, Clean Health Fitness Institute Last year, I did an education tour in Asia where I lectured to over 80 personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. In both cities one of questions I was asked was how to set yourself apart from the pack in business and…

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In a profession where producing results counts for everything it can really hurt your business by not addressing such a critical component of the puzzle.
Why are so many PTs failing to address this critical component? The two primary reasons we have identified is lack of understanding and time… After all it can get very confusing and time consuming.
Thus far, the feedback we have had from students who have attended our seminar has been very positive. Both in terms of giving them a better understanding of the concepts involved in designing nutrition plans and streamlining the process but also through using our revolutionary new nutrition software iNutritionPro to do it all!