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6 Week Body Transformation

Earlier this year CHPC level 3 coach and long time client Jes Murphy told me she needed a goal, with just under 6 weeks to the IFBB Australasian Championships she wanted to step up on stage in the bikini model category and also get a new round of personal shots done for her portfolio.
Over the course of the next 6 weeks she went from 57kg body weight down to 55kg, but her lean muscle…


Here are my top 5 health and fat loss tips from facebook from the second week of January. Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE them with anyone whom you think might benefit!
1) 04/01: Drink only filtered water. Apart from reducing the risk of consuming high amounts of lead, chlorine and other toxins it can greatly reduce the risk of being exposed to toxic levels of copper which is a pro-inflammatory molecule in high amounts and can cause damage to our organs and nervous system.


Having experimented with many different training systems and methods over the years to optimise fat loss or hypertrophy I have found without a doubt that although controversial Milos Sarcev does indeed know how to get people into shape and how to do it fast. As he is an untapped resource for many in the field of personal training and a bodybuilding fan favourite (especially here in Australia) I thought it would be great to interview him and find out a little bit more about him and his training philosophies…