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Claud Miami

Clean Health “Cleans Up” at the 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships!

Recently the 2011 ANB Asia Pacific Championships (APAC) was held in the Gold Coast, Australia. Already the biggest natural bodybuilding, figure and fitness model competition in the southern hemisphere the 2011 event set a new attendance record with over 240 athletes competing in this years event.


Congratulations to Clean Health Athlete Sally Anne Matterson for placing second in the INBA Sports Model Tall category at the recent INBA Sydney championships.
In just 4-weeks she went from 14.6% to 8.6% body fat whilst putting on close to 2kg’s of lean muscle so congratulations on all her hard work and effort.

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Cardio vs Weights

The other week I was asked to contribute a small piece on NineMSN’s Health & Wellbeing site on what I thought was the best training modality for optimal health and fat loss. My clients and those who know me know I am a big proponent of weight training for a variety of reasons – one of them being that it is the main tool I utilise with myself and my clients to bring about fat loss – so you should find this article interesting. However just to reiterate my stance on the whole weights versus cardio debate…