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Our 12-week Intensive Development Program is carried out by our senior personal trainers only, designed for personal trainers wanting to learn the extra 5% that make the difference between a good coach and an industry leader. The program has two development streams, one in personal trainer education and one in fitness business development.

Editor’s note: This blog post was from one of our CHFI certified Performance PT Coach Level 2 and Performance Nutrition Coach Level 2 students Luke Carroll from Real Results Personal Training, whom is an up and coming personal trainer from Melbourne.

CHFI Business Development Program Review

Recently Luke had enrolled in our 12-week intensive development program. Luke came to us because he wanted to optimise his personal training business and learn system to help him become a six-figure personal trainer. In fact, only a month into the program we can update that he has added over $25,000 per annum to his bottom line with a restructure of his services and business systems to his existing clientele.

After his day intensive at our company HQ in Chatswood Sydney with our Founder & CEO Daine McDonald, we sat down with Luke and asked him to write out the top 10 things that he picked up within the first day.

CEO & Founder of Clean Health Fitness Institute, Daine McDonald lecturing

1.Develop yourself as a business person, not just a personal trainer

This advice was massive for me and part of the reason I undertook the intensive program in the first place.

Investing into business education was something I had never considered and wasn’t on my priority list at the time, but after hearing Daine explain the importance of developing skills as a business person, not just a trainer, I quickly realised it was something I needed to work on.

Daine explained that being a great trainer is one thing, but understanding your business and having the correct structures in place will allow you to generate the income you want without having to work 60 plus hours a week for the rest of your life.

2. Don’t be reckless with your personal development budget

Investing money into education and personal development is a positive for anyone no matter what profession, but having the right intentions and not being smart about your expenses can lead you to some trouble. This comes back to being a smart business person and understanding the risks versus reward of where you invest your money.

Education will certainly increase your value as a personal trainer and increase your income, but money must be available to pay other business and life expenses. You never know what opportunity may come your way so it’s smart to have some money in reserve to take full advantage of any such opportunity or alternatively if you are in a sticky spot, you have the reserves to get out of it.

As a rule of thumb to become a great personal trainer you should invest a minimum of 10% of your annual income into development, to become an industry leader you increase that to 20%. Coaches like Daine and Stefan have invested as high as 30% of their annual income during periods of their career where they were already earning multiple six figures, so you do the math!

3. Invest with multiple sources and apply what is useful to your own goals

I have found learning from Daine, that he is a great source of knowledge and information on all things health and fitness related, and he has achieved results with his client’s time and time again over the last decade. He has a wealth of methodologies and principles worth adopting, but the goal isn’t to copy what he does (doubt anyone could anyway), but to take from him and other personal trainers, nutritionists and coaches and develop your own way as a coach.

There are many different personal trainers out there using vastly different methods and all achieving outstanding results with their clients. The aim is to find the methods and a style of coaching which best suits you as an individual and apply it.

4. The importance of systems for your business

This is an area that Daine is very passionate in and successful, as evidenced in the success of the Clean Health Fitness Institute and his own personal brand DM.

During the last month, through his optimising of my systems I have brought on an additional $25,000 per annum to my bottom line. Being that I am only 1/3 of the way through the program I am excited to say the least on the return on my investment the next few months will bring. We have gone through CMS platforms, CRM platforms, accounting platforms, sales and marketing and much more whilst also increasing the rates through revised service structures to existing clients which was helpful.

Simply if you are a personal trainer or fitness professional wanting to grow your business I can’t recommend this program enough and I look forward to working with him again when I am ready to set up my own gym.

For more information on our 12 week fitness business development program and courses, visit the courses section of our website HERE or CONTACT US today!

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