Course Presenters: Daine McdonaldStefan Ianev

Course Prerequisites: CHFI PT Level 1 Certification

In this 3-day certification you will learn how to design periodised training programs for strength, fat loss and hypertrophy. You will also learn how to program strongman training to enhance fat loss and athletic performance.

We will also teach you the latest and most effective shock methods to increase hypertrophy along with energy systems training for fat loss clients ranging from beginner to advanced.

The CHFI PT level 2 certification is suitable for personal trainers brand new to the industry along with those who are experienced and wish to learn our intermediate to advanced program design systems for fat loss, strength and hypertrophy.

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Payment Details

Early Bird Pricing: £1,000.00 GBP Available Until 15th September
Part Payments: 4 payments of £275.00 GBP at 7 Day Intervals



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