Chris Heron – Testimonial*

Client: Chris Heron
Service: 12 week online personal training

“Rawdon’s help with my recent Miami Pro competition was excellent. This was my first competition in this kind of arena and there is a huge amount to take on. It is forever changing as you do and you need the details to be spot on. I am a personal trainer in London and run a very successful business but needed to be answerable to someone! Right from the get-go Rawdon’s enthusiasm for helping was very motivating. During doing a program for contest prep is very high maintenance as you will certainly go through a lot of lows and Rawdon was there to pick up the pieces along the way and keep me on track. As well as Rawdon producing excellent and very in-depth training, nutrition and supplement programs Clean Health also did their bit to keep me motivated and feel very supported throughout.”


Chris Heron

Chris Heron

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