Client Name: Libby

Client Goal: Fat Loss

Results So Far:  Libby has been training at The Clean Health Fitness Institute for 6 months now, and has lost over 12kg’s and approximately 10% body fat, an amazing achievement!

Hard work and consistency has paid dividends for start client Libby!

CHFI: What do you do for work?

Libby: I am a legal secretary for a restructuring and insolvency team at a large commercial law firm. It keeps me very busy but is interesting and engaging work!

CHFI: How long have you been training at CHFI and what was your main reason for coming here?

Libby: I have been training here for about 6 months now. My goal was fat loss with the long term end objective of competition preparation in bikini, so I looked at a broad range of gyms and trainers. I chose the Clean Health Fitness Institute because it had the magic trifecta – expertise, reputation and experience.

CHFI: What have been your results so far?

Libby: My results have been incredible so far, I’ve lost about 12kg and over 10% body fat. I have a whole new wardrobe and usually don’t recognise myself in mirrors!

CHFI: How has your personal training experience impacted your lifestyle?

Libby: It has definitely been a lifestyle transformation rather than just a body transformation. I’ve learned a huge amount about training and nutrition, and I’ve also learned a great deal about myself and how far I can really push my body. I am more energised and eager to get out there and enjoy life. I also have a newfound confidence in myself which I believe has opened many doors for me, personally and professionally.

Well done to our September client of the month Libby!

CHFI: Would you refer your friends/family/colleagues to CHFI and if so, why?

Libby: I have recommended it to everyone I know! If you are looking for results, there is nowhere else that has the knowledge and experience to get you there in the most efficient way. It feels like you are being looked after by the best, and I honestly believe anywhere else would be sub par.

Editors note: Thank you Libby for providing us an insight into your time so far at The Clean Health Fitness Institute, we are excited to see your progress over the next weeks and months… Great work!

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