Learn top end secrets to take your fitness business and career to new heights!

The Clean Health Fitness Institute Intensive Development program has been developed due to requests from students both past and present whom have wanted to learn that extra little something that makes us, Australia’s leading educational provider for personal trainers.

The program, which is carried out over 12 weeks, is for current or former Clean Health Fitness Institute students whom have completed our certification programs and want to learn our top end secrets from our most senior staff. We have two elective modules with this program which you can specialise in, they are:

  1. 12-Week Personal Trainer Development – which is where we teach you the stuff we skim over or don’t teach at all during our certification programs. This is the 1%, the information that takes you from a great coach to a world class industry leader.
  2. 12-Week Fitness Business Development – which is where we audit your business, remodel it and then work with you to systemise then scale it so that you can start getting paid what you deserve. After all, having done our Certification programs already you are in the top 10% of the fitness industry whether you realise it or not!

The program is delivered via the following format:

  • 1 day 1 on 1 intensive at our Chatswood company HQ or online from 9:00am-5:00pm, everything is customised and tailored to your education or business goals based off your intake forms
  • Weekly 1 on 1 ongoing in person or online consult with our senior staff which goes for a minimum of an hour
  • Access to Facebook group for members of the program, where they can ask questions pertaining to the elective they have chosen
  • The program is delivered via a combination of formal presentations and ad hoc (brain picking) with our senior staff which is tailored to you, the individual!
  • Final program recap and action plan thereafter

With both options, we can be flexible with methods of delivery, so just ask the question and we can work with you to ensure you get the best level of education available in the fitness industry today.

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