Performance Nutrition Coach Certification

Our world renowned nutritional certification program for personal trainers!

The CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach certification program is for personal trainers, strength coaches and health professionals who wish to learn results based principles of designing effective and individualised nutrition plans for clients with different goals and body types.

With three levels, this program helps build upon the students understanding of the science and key principles, as well as advanced diet systems and periodisation models for general population clients through to Olympic medalists. Whether you like a carb cycling approach, IIFYM, Ketogenic Diet and more you will learn how to work with each person out there as a unique individual!

Students will be taught how to write nutrition programs in minutes using the revolutionary nutritional program design software iNutrition Pro and how they can exponentially grow their personal training and nutritional consulting business, which also provides you with insurance to prescribe diets to their clients. You will also learn how to develop nutrition plans without the software as well!

For more information on what is covered at each level please click through to one of the pages below:

Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1

Performance Nutrition Coach Level 2

Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3

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