Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3

COURSE PREREQUISITES: CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach Level 1 & 2


The CHFI Performance Nutrition Coach Level 3 certification is for personal trainers; strength coaches and health professionals who wish to understand how our endocrine system and gut influence nutritional program design and can help break through extreme client plateaus. We will teach you what lab tests can be used to track client health and allow you to restore and optimise health and optimal performance for all clientele, whether general population or elite athlete.


  • The interaction between our endocrine system and nutrient utilisation and how it can influence results both short and long term
  • How to optimise gut health and overcome road blocks that will hinder client results and progression
  • Understand advanced supplementation support strategies that can help influence and alter client results for human health and performance
  • Using case studies, science and experience, you will learn advanced nutritional strategies to overcome short and long term client plateau’s, allowing you to become one of the top results producing coaches in the industry today


  • 09:00am-11:30am: Understanding the immune system and how you can improve client recovery
  • 11:30am-01:30pm: Optimising detoxification to improve client health and body composition
  • 01:30pm-02:30pm: Lunch
  • 02:30pm-04:30pm: Treating the metabolic syndrome for optimal lifestyle and disease prevention
  • 04:30pm-06:00pm: Understanding the endocrine system and how to modulate it to maximise results

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