So where do I begin? Well I guess it all started when I realised I had just become plain old fat! I was trying to wear baggy clothes to hide my ever-growing body. I knew I was large, but I was in denial. I was hoping one day I would wake up and it would have somehow as if by magic have disappeared in my sleep. Unfortunately that never happened.  It was an ongoing problem and I had started to notice it was becoming more and more difficult for me to lose the weight. I was sleeping badly, I was tired all of the time, I had stopped doing many things as I was so embarrassed with my size.

I’m not sure when the exact moment was I decided I needed to do something. I used to be extremely active when I was younger, so whilst gaining weight over a period of years you just don’t realise how unfit you are until you try to do something & then realise you can’t.

So one day I decided I needed a personal trainer and that is when I discovered the Clean Health website. The BioSignature program sounded awesome. Daine McDonald spoke to me and set me up for my first BioSignature with Claudine Newton and my training sessions with Tom Hewett.

I weighed in at 93kg and 36% body fat. Yes, I was very heavy. I met Tom for my first training session the same day as I had my BioSignature. I was so embarrassed! Here I was this huge, overweight person who now had to try and do a training session!!! I was mortified!! I thought how am I going to do this? Tom was so friendly and easy to talk to. He made me feel so at ease and comfortable. He went through my training program with me.

I have been training with Tom now for about 6 months. He is a fantastic trainer. He is a fountain of knowledge and can answer any question I have regarding nutrition or my training program. In fact I think he can answer almost anything I throw at him! I really look forward to my training sessions. Tom pushes me to my limits and I am always surprised by what I can actually, physically do. It’s a constant surprise to realise the amazing capabilities of the human body. As a trainer Tom has the ability to see when I’m capable of more.

At my last BioSignature I weighed 77kg and have 23.2% body fat. That is over a 10% drop in body fat. I still have more weight to lose but with Tom as my trainer and the BioSignature program, I know, I will reach my goal. I highly recommend Tom Hewett as a personal trainer and the Clean Health program to anyone who wants to change their life. It is the greatest decision I have ever made!

Treska Janecek

 Treska Week 1-24 Result

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