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By assessing your clients overall health prior to developing a nutrition and training program is imperative factor that we will always consider at the Clean Health Fitness Institute upon initial assessment. As a personal trainer, information about your clients overall health and well-being is vital if you wish to get results with your clients, irrespective of their goal or current level of health and fitness.

You aren’t what you eat, you are what you assimilate!

In this video Dr Robert Rakowski goes into depth of the importance of gut health and how the digestive system can affect results in seeing client results and optimal performance.

This topic is one of many around functional nutrition and health taught in our Functional Nutritionist Certification Workshop, with Internationally renowned functional medicine expert, Dr Robert Rakowski. We are hosting the 3 day workshop in both Sydney and Melbourne. For more information click the links below to register!

  1. Functional Nutritionist Certification Sydney, August 11-13th
  2. Functional Nutritionist Certification Melbourne, August 18-20th

For more information on our industry leading certification programs for personal trainers and our Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness for those wanting to get into the fitness industry, please check out our website here!

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