Getting stronger is crucial to athletic and physique development. However, how you do it should be dictated by your ability, goal and mobility. It’s important to focus on developing competency and strength using key movements versus one particular exercise. 

Find what a client can and can’t do then go from there. Never settle with one exercise for the following reasons:

  1. You need to earn the right to perform the big lifts. Learn how to brace and nail key movement patterns first, then expand the exercise selection. For example, learning how to perform a perfect romanian deadlift and back extension before deadlifting. Master the simple movement before expanding the range.
  2. Everyone has a different orthopaedic profile and mobility. Not everyone can or should be doing the big lifts like the conventional deadlift, back squat or overhead press. Work hard, but do so within your own limitations. For example, a trap bar deadlift is an amazing option for your typical general population client due to the greater simplicity and shorter range of motion. 

The key takeaway is to always have your client working hard from day one. Giving the client what you like versus what they need can be significantly different and can impact the outcome.

In our Performance PT Coach Certification courses we teach how to periodise your clients programs effectively to ensure the greatest amount of strength is gained.

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Yours in health,

Glen Carroll / Clean Health Master Coach & Educator

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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