It is important to remember macronutrients do not determine the rate of fat loss, but they directly affect how we feel when dieting.

Having the correct macro breakdown can drive up performance and maximise compliance. A badly constructed macro breakdown can lead to poor adherence and very low energy levels.

The simple approach to use for all clients is: 

  1. Protein
    • Protein is 1.6-2.5 g per kg of body weight.
    • Protein is important as it helps with satiety, it is the most thermic of our macronutrients and it has the raw materials we need for protein synthesis (the mechanism leading to the building of muscle tissue). Ensuring that these three keys are optimised is the main objective.
  2. Fats
    • Fats are 0.8-1g per kg of body weight.
    • Fats are imperative to the making of our sex hormones through cholesterol. Often clients experience very low libido when dieting due to going very low with fats. If a client is a fast oxidiser and feels better on high fats, the total will be towards 2g per kg plus. It is important to ensure that the minimum dosage is obtained to protect hormonal health.
  3. Carbohydrates.
    • It depends on the somatic type of the client. Ectomorph 40-60% of total carbs, mesomorph 30-40% of total carbs and endomorph 20% of total carbs.
    • Our body’s type is a simple and well received mechanism for dictating carb tolerance. The other key factors that dictate carbs for a client is body fat levels and oxidation rate.

Using these three key principles will ensure that you are able to simplify the process of creating macros for your clients so that they can achieve their goals.

Yours in health,

Mark Carroll / Clean Health Fitness Institute Head Coach

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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