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Ahead of having one of the world leading Strength & Conditioning authorities Dr Dan Baker presenting for us at our company HQ in Sydney, Australia. We sat down with Dan to discuss a little bit about who he is, how he got into the strength and conditoning industry and what students can expect from his upcoming ‘Periodisation for Strength & Power Sports’ seminar!

CHFI: How long have you been an S & C coach and what got you into this career path?

DB: I have been coaching in S & C since 1984… but the 1980’s was always part-time because athletes were amateurs.  By 1993, I was full-time S & C. I was always interested in strength and aerobic fitness and in sports so it was easy for me to see what I wanted to do.

CHFI: Did you envisage the Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) growing as much as it has? Where do you see it going in the future?

DB: The ASCA grew out of an earlier version called NSCA Australia.  So we were initially aligned to the US NSCA (I did my CSCS exam in Sydney in 1988) but the American system does not transfer to the Australian sports system, so when the NSCA cut us free, we organically moved into the Australian sports coaching system, something that we were doing or working on doing anyway.  This was done by mainly by Ian King, who was the Executive Director of the ASCA for many years.

I became the elected president in 2004 and with great work from our current and previous board of directors and our executive staff, we have grown.  We are close to where we want to be, we just have a few more milestones to be achieved for me to be happy with our status and position.

Over the course of his career Dr Dan Baker has become one of the most respected athletic development experts in the world. Click the picture for more information on his upcoming seminar with us!

CHFI: Talk about your time with the Broncos. What changes did you implement to build such a successful and athletic team?

DB: When I started at the Broncos in 1995, it was to implement a systematic, regimented effective strength/power program(s) because at that time, lifting was not compulsory or was all over the place with content (players were doing what they wanted in some cases).

So basically I implemented a systematic program that entailed all the key strength and power exercises and detailed everything they were to do. Everything. Every set, rep, exactly what weight they used, who their training partners were, rest periods etc for every single player in the club, from 16-year olds to the top NRL players. Every exercise, every set, every rep, every weight for every player.

I am very thorough and exact. And everyone lifted. Everyone did full squats etc.  The results were fantastic. Good clubs copied or followed that path of what we did, eg. Melbourne Storm, when Craig Bellamy left the Broncos to go there as coach, but it took them a few years to catch up.  Yet there are still clubs that don’t… Every team that has won the NRL grand final for the last few years has that Broncos or Storm influence on their training.

CHFI: In your upcoming seminar on periodisation for strength and power sports. What type of people should attend and what are three key take aways that students will learn?

DB: Anyone who trains an athlete should attend.  If they want long-term success with that athlete, they should attend.  If anyone is confused about the over-whelming amount of training methods, they should attend as I will put things into relative perspective… this works well at this stage or no need to do this yet, it will work but save it for this stage when we need to break a plateau and so on.  The three key take-aways are:

  1. You will understand the six stages of strength and power development that I adhere to and recommend.
  2. You will learn about the most appropriate training content and methods and programming/periodization for each stage.
  3. Even if the long-term does not interest you (?), you will learn specific acute strategies for muscle building or power development.

CHFI: Tell us one thing about you know body would guess!

DB: In this day and age of social media and the internet, is there anything that people cant find out?

EDITORS NOTE: For those of you interested in attending our upcoming 1 day seminar with Dan Baker on Periodisation for Strength & Power Sports, please CLICK HERE to read more information or check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS as this one will sell out fast!

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