Course Presenters: Daine McDonald, Stefan Ianev

Course Prerequisites: iNutriton Pro Level 1

In the iNutrition Pro level 2 seminar, we expand on the science and systems taught in the level 1. In this 2-day seminar you will learn how to periodise nutritional programs short-term using linear, zig zig, undulating and pyramid approaches.

You will also learn how the endocrine system influences nutritional program design and client results along with how to read and interpret blood chemistry panels to further enhance client compliance and results.
Apart from learning how to master the software to increase client results and business revenue streams, we will go through multiple case studies in class and with past clients, which will allow you to further think laterally when dealing with clients from all walks of life.


Check out this feature article about iNutritionPro from co-creator Stefan Ianev

Payment Details

Early Bird Pricing: $575.00 USD Available Until 15th August – Saving $100
Part Payments: 4 payments of $175 at 7 Day Intervals

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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