Client: Jenny Tran
Package: 24 Week Fat Loss Program
Result: 2nd Place 2013 INBA Filex Bikini Model Short

I have always had a curiosity for fitness and bikini model competitions. The curiosity for this sport became somewhat of a personal obsession for me. The sport has challenged me to become both fitter and stronger, and to become confident enough to compete on stage. Until recently I haven’t had the encouragement or the expertise and guidance to fulfil this goal. This prompted me to contact Clean Health to make the goal become a reality. I first saw Clean Health through a friend of mine on Facebook. I started to look into Clean Health to see what sort of guidance and help they could offer me. I read all their client testimonies and saw the dramatic transformation each client had undergone. From these testimonies I knew Clean Health would be key to helping me fulfil my goal.

I first met Rawdon back when I initially joined for the 12 week fat loss program. He was my coach who helped me with my bio-signature, diet and training program. He is a coach who is extremely meticulous at what he does. His genuine passion for helping his clients has shown me that a dream can become a realistic and achievable goal.

Rawdon is a very passionate coach. His dedication to improve his clients has shown me that a dream can become a realistic and achievable goal. His infectious competitive nature taught me to have self confidence, and that my dream is achievable coupled with hard work and dedication. He brought the competiveness of me out and taught me that anything is possible if you apply yourself and become committed. Throughout my progress I have dropped a dramatic body fat from 20.9% in October 2012 to 10.2% in April 2013. I have also gained 2kgs of lean muscle in a short space of 6 months. Rawdon has helped transform my body from being a token ‘skinny fat’ girl to someone who now looks leaner and fitter. However, the largest transformation for me is my change in my lifestyle. This resulted in me placing 2nd in my first ever competition which was the 2013 INBA Filex Bikini Model Short Category.

I would definitely recommend Clean Health to anyone who is looking for guidance to compete in a bikini or fitness competition or anyone with general fat loss goals. Clean Health and Rawdon have been big part of my journey and I would feel lost without them.


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