Client: Kathleen Protheroe
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training

I have always enjoyed leading an active lifestyle, being a couch potato was certainly something I had never been able to do. I have however always struggled with being able to push myself athletically to achieve my full potential. And exercising constraint around food… Well let’s just say that there wasn’t any.

It was my roommate that took me down to Clean Health initially. She herself had trained there under Daine McDonald and was always talking about the great family environment, friendly culture, the state of the art equipment, the experienced trainers and the fantastic results clients typically receive. So I bit the bullet and signed up for a 12-week package. I was teamed with Brad Soper and I can honestly say I have never looked back.

Under Brads’ guidance I have achieved a substantial loss in body fat and increase in lean muscle mass. My skin and hair are brighter and my sleep is better than ever. This was achieved through a carefully tailored exercise and nutrition program specific to my body type, initial fitness ability and goals. My training and matching nutrition program changes every 4 weeks ensuring my body is continuously having to adapt and is properly fuelled for the type of exercise I am doing. There is no random selection of exercises with Brad.

There is a purpose behind every exercise I do and the food I eat is deliberately chosen to make sure I get the most out of the training. When I’m in the middle of a set Brad is 100% focused on making sure my technique is perfect and that I’m performing it to my full ability. When in between sets Brad is asking questions such as how am I sleeping, how is work, am I stressed, do I get hungry, does anything hurt. At no stage have I felt like I’m in this on my own, it really is a team effort between us! I should also mention that Brad has opened my eyes to a pain threshold that I never even knew existed. With Brad’s support I have done some pretty gruelling sessions, performing reps and sets of exercises that I would never have been able to make myself do on my own; therein proving the value of the program.

My nutrition program is maintainable as it has been written specifically to my lifestyle, and perhaps most important factor is that I never starve! In many regards I feel as though I have ‘outsourced’ my fitness and all I have to do is turn up and do as I’m told. Another thing that I find incredibly motivating is that I know Brad walks the talk himself – I’ve seen him eat the same food he tells me to eat and at Saturday morning Strongman classes I see and hear what he puts himself through. He doesn’t ever take the easy route and I’ve stopped allowing myself take the easy route as well.

The end result of my 12-week program with Brad was the decision to sign up for the 24-week program. Best money I have ever spent as far as I’m concerned. So if you’re tired of training and never really achieving your goals then why not come down and just see what all the fuss is about? 12 weeks is such a short period of time and you really have nothing to lose, you certainly won’t regret it!

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