Kieran Roche – Testimonial*

Client: Kieran Roche
Coach: Brad Soper
Service: 12 Week Muscle Building & 12 Week Athletic Performance

Since training with Brad I can quite happily say that I have achieved the best results I have ever made in the gym. I have trained in the gym for a number of years, but never with any real focus, and no tangible results. I would jump from one fad routine to the next, and thought that extremely low calorie/low carb diets would get me the results I desired. As a result of this I would burn out after a couple of months and would soon be back to my old ways, always losing what little progress I had made.

For my initial 12-week program I initially focused on building some lean muscle whilst dropping body fat. For my second 12 week program I have been following a powerlifting routine primarily focused on moving as much weight as possible, the numbers that I am putting up in the gym alone are a great result – in the last 12 weeks I have added 30kg to my Squat, 15kg to my Bench Press, and 45kg to my Deadlift. This paired with a clean diet that is constantly evolving to keep up with my workouts and achieve my final goal has resulted in a more muscular and leaner than I have ever achieved before dropping 3.5 % body fat while adding 6kg of muscle.

I cannot stress how valuable the knowledge I have gained from working with Brad is, particularly in terms of nutrition – it is so great to know that I can achieve my goals by basically just eating clean and changing my calorie/macronutrient intake to compensate for my workouts and refuelling adequately post workout.

Brad has been professional, positive, and supporting since day one, and a great inspiration on top of that. He is in amazing shape himself, so it is reassuring to know that his advice comes not only from what he has learned in the classroom, but his own personal experience as well. Brad truly is an expert in his field, and is a credit to the Clean Health team.

The Clean Health Performance Centre is a fantastic facility, and all of the staff and other clients are inspiring and encouraging, which makes for a great atmosphere to train in. With so much hype in the fitness industry it is overwhelming to know where to turn to for the right advice, I can wholeheartedly recommend to anyone wishing to take their fitness/physique goals to the next level to get in contact with the team from Clean Health – you will not be disappointed!

Kieran Roche Clean Health Muscle Building Result

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