Leon Kmita – Testimonial*

Name: Leon Kmita
Coach: Tom Hewett
Program: 12 Week Fat Loss

It was one Friday afternoon after eating my chicken burger and chips that I decided something had to change. I came across a testimonial on the Clean Health website and decided to pick up the phone. I met with Rawdon the next day and received my BioSignature results – I was at 88.5kg and my body fat was close to 25%! He ran through a new eating plan and although the thought of eating a paleo diet wasn’t too appealing at first, it’s something that I now enjoy.

I trained weekly with Tom, a great trainer, who always pushed me to my limits while also making sure that form and technique were correct – it’s been awesome.  An added bonus is that everyone at Clean Health is always willing to help so I also got a few tips from Rawdon and Claudine while working out. Claudine checked the progress of my BioSignature, provided me with regular program and tips on nutrition and supplementation.

The training program regularly changed, and continues to do so, and that is great for keeping the gym sessions interesting. I can definitely say that I have enjoyed learning and adopting the diet and nutrition as well as the training. One thing I also liked about Clean Health was that they were very thorough with explanations about diet and also took time to review my blood test results to determine what vitamins were lacking and what additional supplements would help me out.

This is just the start for me and I am looking forward to continuing to improve with the team at Clean Health and can’t wait to reach my goal of under 10% body fat by the end of January 2012!

Leon Kmita

Leon went from 24.1% to 13.4% body fat whilst putting on 5.6kg of lean muscle in just 12 weeks!

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