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Ahead of having one of the best in the Fitness Industry, Mark Ottobre teach his intensive 3-day ‘Enterprise Method’ at our company HQ in Sydney, Australia, we sat down with Mark to discuss more about himself, his experience in the fitness industry, his company and what students can expect from the ‘Enterprise Method’ course!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into the fitness industry and how long have you now been helping others transform their lives?

In life, your voids dictate your values, and values dictate your destiny.

As a child, I was the fat kid. So you could say my journey into fitness started when I was just 5 years of age and the kids at school started calling me fat. My idol as a boy was the Ultimate Warrior (WWE professional wrestler). The Ultimate Warrior was jacked and would run to the ring, shake the ropes and perform amazing acts of strength.

Professional wrestling is something I still love today. The athleticism, the drama, the entertainment. The boldness of professional wrestling left an impression on me. I wanted to be strong, athletic and look like a beast. My other interests include art, design and video games. Fast forward to year 12, when I was 18, I finished my VCE and was awarded the subject award for my Art class. This was the push I needed to pursue a career in design.

I bet you thought I was going to say fitness.

No, upon finishing school I did my Cert IV in Applied Design as everyone was telling me, ‘Personal Training is too competitive’ and you can’t make real money and ‘it’s not a real job’.

After completing my Certificate IV in Applied Design in 2004, I realised I didn’t want to spend my life behind a computer screen and that I should follow my heart. I signed up for a Personal Training course. Completing the course in 2005, I started working as a PT in 2006, and was paid the minimum wage.

My first bodybuilding competition was in 2004 were I placed last. That was also a big turning point in my life. The wooden spoon was a massive slap in the face to everything I worked so hard for. But it showed me that hard work alone isn’t enough for success, so I dedicated myself to becoming an expert.

Mark Ottobre lecturing to students at Enterprise Fitness

When did you come up with the concept for Enterprise Fitness and did you think it would become the internationally renowned brand in the industry it is today?

The concept for Enterprise Fitness isn’t an interesting story at all. It’s a story of complete and utter failure. To give some background and a timeline:

  • In 2006, my first registered business was Hard Knocks Training. Then it was renamed to Maximus Mark’s Personal Training under the advice of a mentor at the time.
  • In 2007, I started a second business with a business partner called Transcend Training. That failed.
  • In 2007, I started a online mentoring program called The Alpha Body. I made about 20k for the whole year despite working day and night.
  • In 2008, I had the thought that I needed a low entry product to make my online program work, so I wrote an eBook, The Truth About Supplements. Even got a foreword by Jonny Bowden. That sold maybe a couple of books a month, and required way too much energy and time that I didn’t want to invest in online marketing.
  • In 2009-10, I started taking my blogging more seriously; I created and wrote weekly articles and started a podcast show.
  • In 2009-10, I also launched a new product offering called Eat Your Way To Abs. This gave a platform to my speaking career and was the beginning of me running courses.

Most of the above was done online and I wouldn’t consider any of it successful in a commercial sense. However this was my ‘school of hard knocks’ business degree.

Lost and confused but still not losing the will to find away, I joined a business program with the great Dale Beaumont. Dale suggested I rename Maximus Mark to Enterprise Fitness. An hour after our chat, I submitted a brief for logo to 99designs.

Most people think the name Enterprise Fitness is an homage to Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise. But I never really got into Star Trek until people started making the connection.

Did I think it would become an internationally renowned brand?

No. My focus has always been on producing good work. I knew I’d do something that would work – I just needed to keep going and not quit. And above all, I believe that I have something of value to share with people that can change their lives for the better. And it’s up to me to share it with the world and not give up.

Both yourself and our founder Daine McDonald have known each other for many years and developed a close friendship. When did you guys first meet and what were two things about him and CHFI you were attracted to early on?

From the moment I met Daine, we got along. We first met at a BioSignature seminar in 2009. It was my first course with Charles and by chance we sat next to each other when Charles asked the question, “who here has an email database of their clients that they could sell if they wanted to?”

In a class of 60, Daine and I were the only two to put up our hands. We then went to lunch; Daine was dead-set on meeting his protein goal for the day so he ordered three mains. Such a small thing, but I thought, here’s a guy that takes it seriously. Back from lunch, I had my BioSignature done by the master himself, Charles Poliquin. It was my first BioSignature Course and I felt a little lost. Daine wrote me a protocol in class based off the results and said, ‘Here, do this.’

From there we stayed in touch. At courses, Daine was always one of those guys I look forward to seeing because I knew he would be doing something interesting that I could learn from.

In summary, the two things that impressed me are: Daine’s straight-up. This is how I like to work with people. This industry has a lot of nonsense, so finding other peers who can call a spade a spade is always refreshing. Clean Health pushes the standards. Something I strive for with Enterprise Fitness.

What is one thing personal trainers are not doing in today’s fitness industry stopping them from being successful?

I’ll give you three:

  1. They’re not learning enough.
  2. They don’t take it seriously enough.
  3. And they don’t treat it like a career.

Most professionals go to university or TAFE for a four-year period (or more) and rack hundreds of thousands (or more) of debt on their education.

And PT’s complain about going for a course?

If you want to know who the industry leaders are; they’re at courses!

Success leaves clues.

For students attending only your second ever event in Sydney at the upcoming CHFI ‘The Enterprise Method’, what are 3 things they will take away from this course and be able to instantly implement in their careers?

How to screen clients.

No BS. No long-winded, technical explanations that leave you confused without the aid of an anatomy textbook. I’ll teach you how to screen and assess client movements, what tests I use, what each test means and how to use that information to write the best program possible – in simple terms so you can implement it straight away.

How to communicate and inspire lifestyle changes in clients.

Often clients don’t need a better diet; you need to communicate better – in terms of their values. I’ll teach how to uncover client values, and how to communicate within their values – without you having to bang your head against the wall because the client ‘is not listening’ or ‘getting results’.

Nutrition that makes sense for clients and trainers.

I’ll take you on a journey using simple analogies that you can use to help clients ‘get it’. I’ll break down technical stuff – simply.

And as a bonus, I’ll give you a booklet I developed containing 27 of my best resources in training, nutrition and supplementation. It’s a booklet that you will be using long after the course is done.

About Mark Ottobre

Mark Ottobre is the owner and founder of Enterprise Fitness, the personal training studio that sets the gold standard. From champion athletes and competitors to everyday transformations, Enterprise is known for it’s leading expertise in personal training and the results it delivers. Mark’s private mentoring group, Wolfpack has had a massive impact on students lives, with many of his students now having successful personal training studios themselves. Mark is a PICP level 5 coach who has trained countless competitors and champions, written for magazines, and is also a smart and innovative businessman who continues to raise the standards in personal training.

EDITORS NOTE: For those of you interested in attending our upcoming 3 day ‘Enterprise Method’ workshop with Mark Ottobre please CLICK HERE for more information and to secure your spot

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