CHFI Global Head of Education, Mark Carroll busts some nutritional myths and answers our readers questions!

As an industry professional we understand the daily trials and tribulations that come with addressing client questions and misconceptions regarding nutrition and their results or performance. CHFI Global Head of Education, Mark Carroll answers 4 quick questions on nutritional mistakes & myths that trainers are faced with everyday in the industry.

Q: In your opinion – what is the biggest nutrition mistake that trainers make with their clients?

Mark Carroll: Not understanding the concept of gaining nutritional compliance – general pop clients need rules and structure. Advanced clients or competitors need flexibility!

Q: What is one nutrition ‘myth’ or buzzword in the industry right now that you want to bust for other trainers out there?

Mark Carroll: That choice of macronutrients means accelerated fat loss. It doesn’t matter if you do Keto, moderate carb or high carb. If calories are equal – rate of fat loss will be identical. Macro break down merely dictates how you feel.

Q: What topics are covered in the Performance Nutrition Coaching certification that you feel trainers in this industry need to understand to excel their results and their career?

Mark Carroll: Understanding that energy balance is everything. Coaches spend too much time on factors which have very little importance, and not enough time on the big picture aspects that truly equal results. Coach the basics to maximise results.

Q: What is your favorite ‘Bang for buck’ nutritional intervention for your clientele?
Mark Carroll: Understanding what macronutrient breakdown the client feels best on. Compliance is everything when it comes to nutrition, simply giving your client the macro breakdown that they feel the most energised and mentally best on. Will dramatically raise levels of compliance. Program nutrition to your client’s bodies over your own pre conceived ideas is crucial to elite results

Nutrition is a crucial factor in the fat loss equation! You must be able to program accordingly and be adaptive for your clients, the CHFI Performance Nutrition Coaching certification covers nutritional systems and program periodization is greater detail. The course is taught by myself and/or one of our global CHFI presenters, we are coming to a city near you, view our calendar of events for dates and locations.

Yours in health,

Mark Carroll / Global Head of Education

Clean Health Fitness Institute

Editor’s note: If you are a personal trainer wanting to learn how to maximize results with every day clientele, check out our CALENDAR OF EVENTS to find out when we are teaching our world leading courses on business, nutrition and training for fitness professionals in a city and country near you!  

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