Client: Mark Carroll
Service: 16 Weeks Satellite Program

Result: 7.5% drop In BF and 8kg lean mass gain

As an already established personal trainer I was not looking for just any coach, I was looking for the very best and that’s why I chose the Clean Health Fitness Institute. I needed a coach, not a personal trainer who could help take my physique and also coaching ability to the top of the fitness industry.

I was assigned Stefan, who is without a doubt is the smartest person I have met and his knowledge on all things fitness is amazing. I have been training for over 10 years and have dieted many times for different events and the time spent with Stefan not only got me in my absolute best condition it was also the easiest dieting I have ever done, with my calories up high throughout my entire training program with him.

Simply put to become a better personal trainer I believe you need to be on the receiving end of the same process you put your clients through, that is why I highly recommend the Clean Health Fitness Institute to take care of your own training if you are serious about being the best of the best!

Client: Chris Eveston
Service: Personal Training

Result: 10% drop in BF and 9kg lean mass gain in 10 months

I had been training consistently for 5 years privately with the assumption I was making good progress in my desired fitness direction however through regular association with amateur/ semiprofessional bodybuilders I knew I could be achieving much more.

Through research and consolation with industry professionals I decided to start working with the Clean Health Fitness Institute. After consulting with Daine, I was given Stefan as my coach. Over the next 10 months through his coaching and mentoring in diet, training intensity and mind set towards training I have achieved more muscle growth and a higher fat loss than I did in the 5 years training privately. I look back now and think to myself why I did not do this years ago!

I highly recommend the Clean Health Fitness Institute team if you are serious about results based personal training!

Client: Navid Alaee
Service: Online Personal Training

Result: 6% drop in BF in and 3kg lean muscle gain 12 weeks

Ive been training for 10 years and been a personal trainer for 5. I went through a rough stage within myself, feeling like i had no direction with my training. As a result my motivation hit an all time low.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the Clean Health Fitness Institute courses and instantly found that I had the utmost respect for his the presenters vast knowledge and the passion they held.

So much so that I signed up to their 12 week online personal training program. In a space of 3 months, not only has my body drastically developed, my knowledge on training and food exploded. As a result my business boomed and so did my passion once again.

Thanks again to Stefan for his coaching and the entire Clean Health Fitness Institute team for their professionalism!

Client: Stuart Hintz
Service: Online Personal Training

Result: 8.5% drop in BF in and 4kg lean muscle gain 12 weeks

I’ve been training with the Clean Health Fitness Institute online now for just over 12 weeks with the intention of getting ready for a photo shoot in December 2016. After my initial 12-week program I signed up for another 12 weeks to get me through to the anticipated shoot. So far I’ve gone from 21% BF to just on 13%. I have increased muscle mass by over 4kg and my lifts have all increased and some even doubled.

Their approach to programming and nutrition are geared towards long lasting results, which can then be maintained as he educates you in the process. If you’re after intelligent programming and wanting to develop your physique and your knowledge then look no further than the Clean Health Fitness Insittute!

Stewie Hintz

“Fitness Hintz” founder

Client: David Coyne
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training

Results: Lost 8% BF and gained 5kg lean mass
I first met Stefan in Melbourne while attending the Clean Health Level 1 internship program, (at this point I had been training for about 4 years with some good strength results,without really focusing on body composition, I was also relatively new to the PT industry.) After learning more in those 3 days from Stafan and Daine

Client: Marshal Tan
Coach: Stefan Ianev
Service: Online Personal Training

Results: Lost 10.5% BF and gained 5kg lean mass in 16 weeks
“Working with Stefan Ianev was a privilege, during our time working together as he has shown various knowledge in training, supplementation and nutrition, with this he was able to help me re comp my body composition, adding strength and lean mass whilst leaning down at the same time. Constant feedback week to week is taken accounted for the modification of nutrition and training parameters

Client: Shannon Cleary
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Athletic Performance

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1992 and during that time I thought that I had done, seen and knew it all. That was until I met Daine McDonald. I then realised I was surrounded by so many “pretenders” and that there was so much more to learn about health and training that goes way beyond the aerobics studio.

Client: Shannan McPherson
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Athletic Performance

I went to Daine in the off-season to get an edge on my competition for the upcoming season. Using the BioSignature system and his training recommendations in only three weeks my lean body mass increased 3.5 kilos with my body fat decreasing by close to 3%. With his expert knowledge of training…

Client: Vesna Valic
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: Athletic Performance

After many years of going to the gym and essentially doing the same thing day in day out, I thought it was time to do something different. So one day during a chat with a fitness instructor at my local gym, Jes Murphy was recommended to me as I was interested in training to…

Client: Terence Taukave
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Powerlifting Competition Preparation

Result: CAPO 90kg Class Junior Australian Champion & Record Holder
I began powerlifting in 2009 in Fiji and competed in the Pacific region until arriving in Australia in November 2012. My best lifts before arriving in Australia were 130kg for the bench press, 227.5kg for the squat and 245kg for the deadlift.