Athletic Performance Coaching Testimonials

Client: Chris Eveston
Service: Personal Training

Result: 10% drop in BF and 9kg lean mass gain in 10 months

I had been training consistently for 5 years privately with the assumption I was making good progress in my desired fitness direction however through regular association with amateur/ semiprofessional bodybuilders I knew I could be achieving much more.

Through research and consolation with industry professionals I decided to start working with the Clean Health Fitness Institute. After consulting with Daine, I was given Stefan as my coach. Over the next 10 months through his coaching and mentoring in diet, training intensity and mind set towards training I have achieved more muscle growth and a higher fat loss than I did in the 5 years training privately. I look back now and think to myself why I did not do this years ago!

I highly recommend the Clean Health Fitness Institute team if you are serious about results based personal training!

Client: Shannon Cleary
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Athletic Performance

I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1992 and during that time I thought that I had done, seen and knew it all. That was until I met Daine McDonald. I then realised I was surrounded by so many “pretenders” and that there was so much more to learn about health and training that goes way beyond the aerobics studio.

Client: Shannan McPherson
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Athletic Performance

I went to Daine in the off-season to get an edge on my competition for the upcoming season. Using the BioSignature system and his training recommendations in only three weeks my lean body mass increased 3.5 kilos with my body fat decreasing by close to 3%. With his expert knowledge of training…

Client: Vesna Valic
Coach: Jes Murphy
Service: Athletic Performance

After many years of going to the gym and essentially doing the same thing day in day out, I thought it was time to do something different. So one day during a chat with a fitness instructor at my local gym, Jes Murphy was recommended to me as I was interested in training to…

Client: Terence Taukave
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Powerlifting Competition Preparation

Result: CAPO 90kg Class Junior Australian Champion & Record Holder
I began powerlifting in 2009 in Fiji and competed in the Pacific region until arriving in Australia in November 2012. My best lifts before arriving in Australia were 130kg for the bench press, 227.5kg for the squat and 245kg for the deadlift.

Client: Kosta Kantilaftis
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Muscle Building Personal Training

I was given the 12-week package to me as a birthday present from my girlfriend. I have been training for many years previously and after a quite serious shoulder injury I had struggled to get back into shape and also was very low on confidence in the gym with my training.
After having my initial BioSignature and nutritional consultation with Daine I was lucky enough to be paired up with Rawdon for the 12-week challenge

Client: Kassra Salar
Coach: Daine McDonald
Service: Muscle Building Personal Training

For most of 2010 and 2011 I was training for powerlifting. By late September I was lacking motivation and direction and had decided to pursue a different training goal, which was to get big and lean. As Daine has been a colleague of mine for the past 3 years I have been able to see first hand the kind of results he gets with people so I didn’t have to think long to decide who I would like to coach me.

Client: Joel Edwards
Coach: Nick Moen
Service: 12 Week Muscle Building Program

“When I started training with Nick from Clean Health I had only 8.5 weeks to complete a 12 week program due to an upcoming overseas trip. In this time the knowledge Nick was able to impart on me ranging from Nutrition, various training techniques and most interestingly how such a simple thing as the placement your feet (planter vs. Dorsi) has such an large influence on an exercise and the increased engagement of your muscles.

Client: Mark
Coach: Rob Wen
Service: 12 week muscle building

Result: Lost > 5% body fat in 8 weeks
Strength Gains: >30% strength gain, 3Kg lean muscle increase, Now 9% body fat

Once upon a time (12 weeks ago), I was fat and ugly, now I”m fit and ugly!! Having trained (incorrectly) for years

Client: Joey O’Halloran
Coach: Brian Ellicot
Service: 12 week lean muscle building

I had been training on and off for 2 years using different programs and methods and managed to build a small amount of muscle. I began to feel as though i had hit a wall and couldn’t progress further. I did a bit of research and came across clean health.