Personal Training Testimonials

Client: Navid Alaee
Service: Online Personal Training

Result: 6% drop in BF in and 3kg lean muscle gain 12 weeks

Ive been training for 10 years and been a personal trainer for 5. I went through a rough stage within myself, feeling like i had no direction with my training. As a result my motivation hit an all time low.

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the Clean Health Fitness Institute courses and instantly found that I had the utmost respect for his the presenters vast knowledge and the passion they held.

So much so that I signed up to their 12 week online personal training program. In a space of 3 months, not only has my body drastically developed, my knowledge on training and food exploded. As a result my business boomed and so did my passion once again.

Thanks again to Stefan for his coaching and the entire Clean Health Fitness Institute team for their professionalism!

Medical Practice Manager

I started training with Claudine when my previous trainer moved out of the area. At nearly 60 years of age, my goals were fat loss and to avoid osteoporosis. I had been a regular participant in her group exercise classes, and felt she would be a good choice to train with. I was in for a shock! Previously I was used to doing lots of aerobic exercise in a training session however with her it was all weight training based. However, I still managed to build up a sweat and felt exhausted at the end of each session.

Financial Controller

As a 50+ man who had not involved my self in serious exercise for a long time I started my program with Claudine with a lot of apprehension. Over the past 12 months she has worked with me by developing program’s which suited my ability and level of fitness. Her focus has been to push me to my limits but this has always been done in a safe and supportive environment. Our 45 minute sessions have been taxing but Claudine has always made them enjoyable and I have always felt like she has been working with me not instructing me what to do. She has always been client focused and takes pride in seeing how her clients progress.


One word that springs to mind when I think of Clean Health is RESULTS.
The result is what comes of hard work, discipline and an exceptional Clean Health Trainer, which will take your training to the next level.
Daine McDonald has been training me for some time now. Within just the first two weeks of training with him I dropped close to 4% Body Fat. This was achieved through a training program that complimented a nutrition plan that had been developed specifically for my body type.

So where do I begin? Well I guess it all started when I realised I had just become plain old fat! I was trying to wear baggy clothes to hide my ever-growing body. I knew I was large, but I was in denial. I was hoping one day I would wake up and it would have somehow as if by magic have disappeared in my sleep. Unfortunately that never happened.  It was an ongoing problem and I had started to notice it was becoming more and more difficult for me to lose the weight. I was sleeping badly, I was tired all of the time, I had stopped doing many things as I was so embarrassed with my size.

Client: Jenni Hofsteede
Coach: Clint Sellen
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training

Although I have only been training with Clean Health for the past 10 weeks, I cannot recommend them enough. Photos speak louder than words. Ten weeks ago I weighed 68.6kg with a body fat percentage of 24.4.

Client: Phil Bryan
Coach: Rawdon Dubois
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Personal Training

If you have been training for a long time and think you have the right program, think again!! I personally experienced a new side of training with Rawdon @ Clean Health. It’s a journey that is worthwhile and that I will continue with.

Client: Chris Bray
Coach: Rawdon Dubois
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation

I contacted Rawdon in August of 2011 after seeing an advertisement showing the incredible results he achieved using the Clean Health diet and training methods. I had been training regularly during 2009 and early 2010, however professional changes during 2010 meant my lifestyle had become increasingly sedentary.

Client: Angela Zattas
Service: 12-Week Fat Loss Program

Result: 7% BF Drop 2 Kilos of Muscle Gained
12 Weeks
Since training with Andrew I am definitely leaner, fitter and stronger!!
I have really enjoyed training with Andrew, I feel he’s committed to my success, and constantly trying to help me improve by regularly checking in…

Client: Max Ma
Service: 12 Week Fat Loss Transformation

Result: 6% Drop In BF 4-Kilo Gain in Muscle
I had tried many different ways to transform my body; I also watched many YouTube videos and read few articles about how to “transform your body in 3 month”. Unluckily, nothing is really working for me until I approached Clean Health.