School Athletic Development Program

We help take young athletes and bring out their full athletic potential safely and quickly!

Since 2008, we have coached athletes from your local high school athlete through to Olympic medalist level. We have coached both amateur and professional athletes in a multitude of disciplines such as mogul skiing, boxing, rugby league, rugby union, raw powerlifting, rowers, weightlifting, track cycling, marathon, triathletes, MMA and much more!

Our school athletic development program is designed for schools who wish to have their sports teams become leaner, stronger and overall more athletic at a much faster rate than their competitors. We have worked with schools across Sydney including the lower north sure and eastern suburbs at some of Australia’s most prestigious private schools.

Provided you follow our system, results will follow.

Our approach to our athletic performance coaching is focused on traditional strength training using dumbbells and barbells, cleaning up your nutrition using the iNutrition Pro software, assessing your body composition and hormonal analysis through the Charles Poliquin Metabolic Analytics (Formerly BioSignature and BioPrint) system to ensure you get the maximal amount of results possible in the shortest period of time.

All our strength & conditioning programs include detailed training plans that change ever 3-6 weeks’ dependent on the sport and goal.

You have the option of training with our coaches 1-5 times per week depending on how serious you are and what you need, the minimum commitment period is 12 weeks; we do however also offer 24 and 48-week programs. Package fees will depend on training frequency (minimum once per week) and whether you pay weekly on direct debit or up front.

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