Simon Fletcher – Testimonial*

Client: Simon Fletcher
Coach: Nick Moen
Service: 12 Week Physique Athlete Préparation I started with clean health at the start of the year with Nick Moen. I heard about their results and competition preparation through personal trainers I know and through facebook. I used to be a professional baseball player for 4 years and then I was a personal trainer and now I’m I real estate so I am no rookie when It comes to training and  keeping fit. I find with my training I need to have specific goals to achieve and to change my training program on a regular basis to keep getting results. Clean health provided this and more. I first started going to the strong man classes on Saturday which I found extremely hard at first. As I kept attending I noticed myself being able to push harder and harder. I like the environment when I go to clean health because of the state of the art equipment, poliquin certified trainers, competitive nature and everyone there is very same minded When I started receiving programs from Nick he was very detailed in explaining everything to me and when he said he would send something through to me like my food plan for the week or supplements I should get he always did it on time. That is very rare these days to follow through. I appreciate this a lot. Once I committed to the IFBB body building show I just completed on the 20th of October 2013 Nicks efforts went to another level. He updated me every week through emails, text and the face to face pt session I would do. I always knew what to do and when to do it every step of the way. This gave me 100% confidence I would reach my goal when I felt Nick was putting in as much or more work than me to reach my goal. I feel I have made a massive change not just physical but in every aspect of my life has improved for the better. I highly recommend Nick and the team at Clean Health if you are serious about getting results from your training!

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