Clean Health Performance Centre proudly presents the ‘Strength Sports Challenge’

Now is the opportunity you have all been waiting for! The chance to test your strength by going head to head with some of Australia’s elite in the strength training community at this years Australian Fitness & Health Expo in Sydney, as part of Clean Health’s ‘Strength Sports Challenge.’ In a fusion of raw strength AND athleticism, worlds will collide as we see the disciplines of strength sports and crossfit style competition fuse together, only to become what is now known as the ‘Strength Sports Challenge.’ 

The competition is comprised of the following stations:

  • High bar ATG back squat
  • Barbell Power clean and press
  • 20 metre farmers walk

In the heats, 90 minutes are allotted to each competitor to warm up to their max weight.The top three total scores from the eight weight classes then move onto the finals. In the finals, athletes then need to complete as many rounds as possible at 80% of the 1RM maximum in 20 minutes. The athlete with the most rounds is the winner. The overall male and female winner in the competition will be based on the Wilks formula for weight, then multiplied by how many successfully competed rounds.

So who should enter? Well, anyone willing to step up to the bar! It matters not whether you are male or female, a powerlifter, weightlifter, strongman, CrossFitter or recreational bodybuilder. If you think that you have what it takes, then you are encouraged to apply. To learn more, please email

When & Where: Australian Health & Fitness Expo, Sydney – 16 – 18th October

Registrations close: 9th October

Cost: $47

Contest Rules:

  • Belt and wrist straps allowed in all events, a 4’ powerlifting belt is the max width allowed
  • No sleeves are allowed for competition, this means elbow and knee
  • Absolutely no suits allowed
  • Weigh in to be completed 24 hours before your division starts – no exceptions.


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We look forward to seeing you there!

Team Clean Health

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