Structuring the training week for yourself or your clients is necessary to allow for optimal recovery while enhancing performance and physique results.

Key factors to consider when programming include:

  1. Some sessions or exercises have a larger residual training effect than others. Simply the fatigue or tax from these sessions is bigger and can impact other areas of the week. For this reason programming deadlift days on Friday and following it with two days rest over the weekend is optimal.
  2. Double training days can be useful when you have significant time restrictions. This frees up your time to focus on work and family, guilt free. For instance, busy corporate clients who can only train twice a week may benefit from implementing twice a day training so it still equates to four sessions a week. To facilitate for this, higher calories and carbohydrates on these days would be advantageous to allow for sufficient recovery.
  3. For athletic performance clients programming power or velocity based movements earlier in the week during the off season is beneficial. This is because they will typically be fresher after a weekend off. However, during season you should reverse this approach. Weekend competition is the norm, so power based movements later in the week is ideal. Overall, this results in less eccentric loading and less muscle soreness which can decrease game day performance.
  4. It’s standard to factor in residual fatigue of both the nervous system and muscular system. However, it’s less common to factor in residual effects on the joints and connective tissue. The stronger and older the client is, the harder the recovery can become. To counter this you could switch to a 10 day microcycle vs the standard 7 day. This allows for increased regeneration between sessions and superior performance at training.

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Glen Carroll / Clean Health Fitness Institute Senior Presenter

Clean Health Fitness Institute

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