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By Stefan Ianev For the duration I have been a coach at the Clean Health Fitness Institute there has been one ongoing debate amongst personal trainers, nutritionists, and the typical gym goer alike that is still being argued about to date, that is about what constitutes the optimal macro nutrient ratio to improve health and…

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By Paul Stevenson As personal trainers at the Clean Health Fitness Institute, part of the service we offer our clients is nutritional programming to assist with clients’ training. This is because we recognize the huge role nutrition plays in helping to change a person’s body composition. We utilize a nutritional software program called iNutrition Pro…

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Nutrition For Fat Loss Part 1: Where do you begin? By Daine McDonald Founder | Clean Health Fitness Institute One of the most popular topics in health and wellness is nutrition. Every week I have personal trainers, strength coaches or the general public ask me… Should I eat paleo, low carb, high carb, carb backloading,…

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Cheat Meal Rules?

Cheat Meals

A lot of you guys keep asking me whether or not there are certain rules to be followed when having your cheat meal. Read this great article by Coach Poliquin which outlines this in more detail: <a href=";s=p&amp;cat=Nutrition&amp;m=9&amp;y=2009" target="_blank">Cheat Meal Rules</a>
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Lose Fat By Eating Fat!


Just sharing a recent article I wrote for NineMSN Health on the benefits of omega 3 consumption. When people come up to my in the gym and ask for my top three essential supplements for fat loss, fish oil is always at the top of my list. Why? I will explain more in the article below but to sum it up if you want to: