With so much conflicting information out there about nutrition its no wonder so many PTs shy away from it.

When Clean Health founder Daine McDonald and I run our advanced nutrition program design courses around the world, what we typically find is that about half the class aren’t employing any type of nutritional intervention with their clients.


In a profession where producing results counts for everything it can really hurt your business by not addressing such a critical component of the puzzle.

Why are so many PTs failing to address this critical component? The two primary reasons we have identified is lack of understanding and time… After all it can get very confusing and time consuming.

Thus far, the feedback we have had from students who have attended our seminar has been very positive. Both in terms of giving them a better understanding of the concepts involved in designing nutrition plans and streamlining the process but also through using our revolutionary new nutrition software iNutritionPro to do it all!

Here are 3 things you will learn at the course…

  1. Nutritional program design systems    

There are many tried and true nutrition systems out there that are effective for fat loss and/or hypertrophy such as low carb, moderate carb, high carb, iso-caloric, carb cycling, carb back-loading, CDK, TKD, Zig-Zag, intermittent fasting etc.

But let me tell you something, nothing works for everyone and nothing works forever.

We give you the ins and outs of each, when you would use them, when you wouldn’t, who they would be suitable for and for whom they wouldn’t.

With over 20 years of accumulated knowledge and industry experience between us and working with 1000s of clients we have seen what works, what doesn’t and can save you a lot of time, effort and frustration! 

  1. Short and long term nutritional program design periodization

Our bodies are not machines. They naturally fluctuate between cycles. As such they tend to ignore constant stimuli be it with training, supplementation, or nutrition.

In fact every system has both positives and negatives. The longer you stay on a system the less you respond to the positives and the more you accumulate the negatives.

Take for example low carb dieting. During the initial phase there is a large drop in weight and body fat. Inflammation also considerably decreases which is a good thing.

However if you stay on it too long there is a down regulation of metabolic rate and fat loss stalls. Even with periodic re-feeding there is impaired conversion of T4 to T3 the active thyroid hormone if calories and carbs are not increased for longer. Learning how to design nutritional plans is one thing, but structuring them into a coherent 12, 24 and 48 blocks is another story. In our seminar we will show you how to do this!

  1. iNutritionPro

iNutrtionPro is the latest cutting edge innovation in nutrition software program design. With over two years in the making it is the result of the cumulative years of myself and co-creator Daine Mcdonald learning from the best in the industry such as Charles Poliquin, John Meadows and Milos Sarcev to produce the most efficient, streamlined and versatile nutrition software on the market.

Attendees of the course will be able to gain access to the software via subscription and be shown how to use it allowing them to effectively design any nutrition plan in as little as 5-10 minutes.

I used iNutritionPro to design the diets used with client Kris, who went from 85kg to 91kg in 12 weeks whilst dropping several % body fat

I used iNutritionPro to design the diets used with client Kris, who went from 85kg to 91kg in 8 weeks whilst dropping several % body fat

Lets face it designing nutrition plans which requires you to calculate BMR, activity levels, TDEE, caloric requirements, macro ratios, food portions, supplements etc. can be very tedious and time consuming. In fact it can take an hour or more at a time.

With iNutritionPro that’s a thing of the past. Your life as a PT will never be the same. In fact the software pays for itself ten fold just from the amount of time you will save.

Also it adds great value to clients as they can login on their phone or iPad and change their food choices, which instantly differentiates you from the 100s of other PTs out there.

I look forward to seeing you at one of our courses in 2015, cities booked in so far include: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Hong Kong, London, Manchester, Cologne, Toronto, Las Vegas, Auckland and Honolulu.

To check out when we are next visiting your city visit the Clean Health Fitness Institute CALENDAR OF EVENTS or contact reception on: +61 2 9882 2778 and email at: education@cleanhealth.com.au

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