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As Christmas and the New Year is ever so close it is around this time where people tend to neglect their fitness and health goals as they are blind sighted by all of the temptations around them.

This article written by CHFI Educator in Asia Katherine Toong whom is a leading personal trainer and strength coaches with a decade of experience coaching clients from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Keep your eyes on the prize!

The concept of keeping your fitness and nutrition plans on track during the festive Christmas time seems unattainable to most.

Well sorry amigos, this is going to sound blunt, but right there, with that state of mind, you are already setting yourself up for failure. Why not be a little easier on your premeditated 2018 self body composition thoughts and set yourself up for success. It will require some of you to step outside your comfort zone, and maybe plan head a bit more, but hey 2018, here we come! On a daily, no matter the time of year, we should try something new everyday.

Here are some ideas to motivate you to stay positive:


Keep your training regime the same as per usual. Even though you might be a little more pressed for time during the Christmas season (meeting up with friends, work parties, visiting family) make yourself a priority and give yourself that hour at the gym.

  • Traveling? No sweat, be adventurous and locate cool gyms in the area you are visiting. If you are really into your fitness, finding cool new (to you) gyms can be quite exciting.
  • Bodyweight / Travel workouts – there are HUNDREDS out there. Seriously google the subject, find one you like and go for it. You have no excuse here to find a quick 20-30min Bodyweight workout.



If you are currently fine tuning your nutrition (weighing your macros) stick to it! A great tip from one of our CHFI international presenters, Corey Baldock, is eat all your meals as per your nutrition plan and then you can consume the ‘cheat’ foods. Hopefully your hunger will be satisfied from your usual meal plan, that you won’t be able to add too much more food into your stomach.

  • Alcohol – For every glass of alcohol you consume, back it up with a glass of water. The faster we can flush the alcohol out of  your system the better, plus staying hydrated is key. Ultimately, if your fitness goals are priority, just try not to over indulge in the alcohol. Is the hangover the next day really worth it? Plus a hangover will put your daily schedule behind, leaving less time for you to hit the gym.


Catch up on so much rest. If you can help it don’t set an alarm and allow yourself to sleep (hopefully without having consumed alcohol the night before) as long as you can.

  • Most of us are running on far too little hours of sleep. Allow yourself to sleep for 8 hours. You will be doing yourself a world of good getting those zzzz’s in

At the end of the day it all comes down to making YOU, your body composition, your fitness, your nutrition goals a priority. So yes, the responsibility is on you to stay on track, but at the end of the day its all about how much you want it.

We don’t have to wait for 2018 to hit for new year resolutions and the ’new you’ thoughts to start. Be inspired and excited. You can do it.

From all the team at Clean Health Fitness Institute, we wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year! Make you all stick to your goals over this period in order to accomplish even better results in 2018!

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